17 Feb 2023

The Art Store with Covetable Handmade Supplies: Case For Making

Out by Ocean Beach, in the Outer Sunset,  is an art supply shop which will make any artist’s heart flutter when they walk in. Case For Making (CfM) specializes in hand made watercolors and letterpress paper. They make everything in-house and showcase their goods next to a curated collection of

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25 Nov 2022

Our Guide To a More Sustainable Holiday – on a Budget

The holidays are a time when we get to give a gift to those who mean the most to us. The holidays are also a time when we collectively pile up the most garbage and spend the most money. While buying things online is often convenient and sometimes seemingly cheaper,

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18 Nov 2022

We’ve Dubbed This San Francisco Block “Do it Yourself Row”

Haight street is known for its vibrant history in San Francisco but there’s one particular block on Haight that we’ve decided we’re going to start calling “Do it Yourself Row” (DIY Row). On this block, you’ll find numerous DIY art schools for all ages along with containing the supplies you’d

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11 Nov 2022

An Oakland Non-Profit Bringing Diversity to Woodworking Communities

Throughout the holidays, we’ll be featuring even more small businesses where you can DIY gifts, and find more sustainable gift options within The Bay Area. Here is one of those special places:   Oakland’s Lower 48 Woodshop likes to say they are “turning people into turning people”. Their motto speaks

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11 Nov 2022

This Gallery is Packed Full of Tiny Art by 200+ Bay Area Artists

This month, STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco opened its annual “Tiny” art show featuring over 200 artists. The walls of the gallery are packed full and artfully gridded out to showcase each piece. Each piece in the show is under 7-inches wide. Seeing the tiny work of over 200 artists

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30 Sep 2022

The Crucible: Oakland’s Inspiring Art School

Anchored in West Oakland, The Crucible is a nonprofit industrial arts school that is known to specialize in welding, glass blowing, woodworking, and blacksmithing classes. First established in Berkeley in 1999, The Crucible moved to its current location 4 years later to Oakland in 2003, nearly 20 years ago. Within

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03 Aug 2022

Little Miss Bay Area Fault Lines

Mr. Worry: the San Andreas Fault The title of Mr. Worry goes to the San Andreas Fault, since he worries the whole state of California. The San Andreas is arguably the world’s most famous fault. It leveled Los Angeles with a fictional M9.9 in 1974’s cleverly-titled Earthquake. Casualties included characters

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Man tugs blue hair and looks at camera
15 Jun 2022

John Vanderslice on Drugs, Dreams, & Legendary Analog Recording Studio

“I simply had a loopy plan that I executed with maniacal energy over 24 years, and I kind of pulled it off.” So says prolific singer-songwriter and record producer John Vanderslice in the final chapter of TrueAnon Presents: “Keep the Dream Alive,” a five-episode podcast series on the history of his legendary analog recording

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