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Simian Mobile Disco This Sunday! FREE Show!

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© Levi Pervin

© Levi Pervin

For all you crazy ex-ravers out there who have been looking for a good excuse to bust out your glow sticks, UFOs, and best moves, the time has come.  The British remixers/ DJs/ producers/ dynamic duo/ electro gods Simian Mobile Disco will be performing this Sunday at Williamsburg’s East River State Park for FREE.  Their last show around these parts was at the Museum of Natural History for One Step Beyond (see picture above) and it was pretty insane.  I haven’t been this excited since…well, I can’t exactly remember, but I am pretty fucking stoked.   SMD keeps it real and reps hard for the Broke-Asses, like their song 'œHustler' says  'œGotta have the sticky hands when your ass is broke like me.  Go to that record store, steal some records man.  I’m telling you I’m broke.'

BUT I do not recommend stealing from your local record store; that’s what the Internet is for!   Anyways, this Sunday’s performance comes on the heels of their new album, Temporary Pleasure, which features The Gossip’s Beth Ditto and Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, and is slated to hit stores August 17th.   For this Sunday’s indie electro dance party shit show, Simian Mobile Disco will be joined on stage by Fiery Furnaces, Dark Meat, The Netherlands, and Brooklyn’s own Finger on the Pulse DJs.  Holla at your daytime rave, yo! If you plan on playing some dodge ball, drinking some beers, and frolicking through slip and slides and other watersoaked fun, be prepared to wait in line.  The Waterfront Park can fit up to 10,000 concertgoers but has a pretty gnarly security check.

For you Broke-Asses who happen to also be Lazy-Asses and would never want to spend your Sunday afternoon hungover, waiting in line to get in to a FREE concert, there is another option for you.  Since this whole jam goes down at a park, they only blocked 70% of the park off for the concert'the other 30% is open to the public, no security, no lines, no bullshit, and a perfect view of the stage.   If you decide to go the lazyass way be prepared for mellower scene with a lack of ironic T’s, denim cutoffs, and weird hairdos, as the majority of the party lies on the other side of the fence.   The choice is yours, but either way be prepared to dance your ass off' and don’t forget when in doubt, fist pump it out.

Jelly NYC Pool Parties

East River State Park
90 Kent Ave. at N 8th St.  [Williamsburg]
Sunday, 3pm-9pm

If you’re still in the mood to party afterwards, the after party is held at Brooklyn Bowl:

61 Wythe Ave at N11th St.

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