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FREE BEER! Two80 in Bushwick: FREE BEER!

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photos by Nicki Ishmael (click image for link)

Last week I told you about a magical deal at Two80 Cafe & Lounge in Bushwick. Owner/cook/everyman Ali was giving away FREE pasta. He did. It was delicious. Penne with vodka sauce was FREE for the taking for an entire hour. Ali, being the most accomodating of hosts even went so far as to make a vegan friend of mine a FREE plate of vegan pasta, as she was unable to eat the scrumptiously creamy vodka sauce. There are no words to describe how above and beyond the call of bar-owning that was.

Happiness is... free beer.

However, plans change. But at Two80, plans that get changed tend to benefit the people. The people being anyone who makes it down to 280 Knickerbocker Avenue tonight between 8-9pm for FREE PBR!! That’s right, Ali has been listening to the people, and apparently the people told him that FREE beer is even better than free food. And if that is true this week, it’s true every week. That’s right, this is a regular event. There will be FREE PBR at Two80 every Wednesday from 8-9pm! And if you want to find out how to get FREE vodka and FREE Nuvo liqueur at Two80, click here.

Two80 Cafe & Lounge
280 Knickerbocker Ave. at Suydam St. [BUSHWICK]
open everyday 3:30pm to 4am
subway: L to Jefferson St.

Every Wednesday
8- 9pm, $FREE

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Joe Petersen - Classist Columnist

Joe Petersen - Classist Columnist

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