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NYC Fuck the Recession Party Wrap-Up

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I’m currently on a bus heading back to NY after a few nights in Boston.  Yes, I know, it’s crazy that buses now have Wi-fi but remember when Ashley wrote about it?  Anyways, I’ve been on the road now for like 10 days so I haven’t really had a chance to tell you about how amazing the NYC Fuck the Recession Party was.  All I have to say is that it was fucking BANANAS!  Seriously.  There was even a whole bunch of girls who stripped down to just their panties so they could get fire massages!  I’ve never seen people let loose this much at a NYC event.

But enough of these futile words, how about you check the photos over at Culture of Me and read this wrap up from the NY Press.  Plus peep this video that the fine people at Time Out NY filmed.  I’m really wasted:

Oh yeah, and if you are interested, here’s a great recipe for entertaining your friends with.

If you’ve got any other good photos or video please send them to me at

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