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I’m gonna let you readers in on a deep, dark secret of mine.  I used to hate sushi.  Yes, you read that right! I HATED sushi! Hated it!

I’m sure that my sleek, urbane, stylish sophistication led you to believe that I ate sashimi with stainless steel chopsticks even as a tot, while my parents pushed me in some streamlined, ergonomic $700 stroller designed by Rei Kawakubo.  Well I didn’t. Until about four years ago sushi totes made me wanna yak.  My poor Japanese roommate at Sarah Lawrence tried in vain to convince me that sushi was good by weaning me on to itwith California rolls that “even white people love” to no avail. I wasn’t having any of it.  It was just so…..fishy.

Then one day when I was in LA with friends, everyone was dying for sushi after a day at the racetrack (seriously). I gazed longingly at the In-N-Out Burger as we passed, but not wanting to be a wet blanket I kept my mouth shut for once in my life and went along. We ordered family style and my boyfriend begged me to try a piece of spicy tuna roll. I dunked it in some wasabi-tinged soy sauce, bit into it and just like that I saw the light.

Since then I eat sushi every chance I get, which used to be a lot.  I lived down the street from the ridiculously delicious Blue Ribbon Sushi in Park Slope where we got a sweet discount since my boyfriend managed another one of the Blue Ribbon restaurants.  On days when I couldn’t afford the fancy stuff though, I discovered a place that’s way cheaper and almost as delicious.

Taro Sushi on Dean Street, right off Flatbush Avenue is my go to spot for great, fresh sushi on the cheaper side.  The space is nothing to write home about-just a coupla tables and a small sushi bar and a creepy restroom, but the fish is so so fresh and delicious the rolls perfectly crafted and even their non-fish items like the beef bowl are spectacular. And its muy affordable!  When I first discovered the place I got take out there so often I had to pull out of this David Mamet play I was supposed to be in because my mercury levels were so high. Zing!

All kidding aside, this spot is awesome. AND they deliver if you live nearby. I tell everyone about it like some sort of awful Jehovah’s Witness type and now you dear reader, have been told the Word, and that word is Taro.

Taro Sushi

446 Dean St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

(718) 398-0872

Taro Sushi

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