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Style on the Cheap- In Praise of Polyvore

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It’s as difficult to find good quality clothes at affordable prices at many of today’s stores as it is easy to find quality food at affordable prices when visiting Bob’s Big Boy! Just kidding, that place sucks. However!  The Truth About Shopping is that you get what you pay for unless you steal.  While I’m not not advocating stealing, I’m also not advocating it.

As a lady who likes clothing but hates shopping, online fashion sites are wonderful. I can browse, buy and usually return pretty easily if something doesn’t fit right. Sometimes though, I don’t want to browse all over the interwebnet for one simple item. This, in a nutshell, is why I love Polyvore.

I’ve used the site before for work and to create the styleboards my fevered brain dreams up, but I recently started using it to shop.  On the subway a few weeks ago I spotted a girl in a nice trench coat similar to my own, wearing black tights and a pair of fantastic black booties. “That’s what I want to look like!” I screamed inside my head.

As soon as I got home I marched myself over to the computer and headed to Polyvore. A search for “booties” pulled about about 14 pages of options. I narrowed the color margin to black; it dropped down to 5 pages.  I narrowed the price margin down to what I can afford which is, SPOILER ALERT: NOT MUCH! Within two seconds I found the perfect pair of booties for less than 100 bones from a highly reputable maker of shoe-ery.

So next time you know you need something specific: black cardigan, red t-shirt, strapless dress, etc, don’t burn precious calories running your ass all over town to find them- sit on the couch and let the deals find YOU!

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