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Don’t Even Reply: Messing With Craiglist

Updated: Aug 31, 2011 09:48
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We’ve explored the endless possibilities of free entertainment that Craigslist offers on this site before. Whether it’s missed connections or questionable furniture ads, it seems to act as a catalog of human oddities more than a classifieds section. It’s also a great opportunity to mess with people. I’m not talking about in a calculated, malicious way, just good old fashioned bullshitting.  One of my favorite sites of all time is Author John Lindsay post and responds to ads for that are trying to sell various things like used cars and old couches into comedic masterpieces. He has earned himself a blog to book deal that he fully deserves. He takes it to a whole other level that I’m always surprised the people continue to email back and forth. But hey, that’s the internet for ya. So recently when some friends of mine found themselves playing a similar anonymous game, it reminded me of the hidden gems you can find just by hitting the search button.  While they were looking to sublet their apartment, they wanted to see what other people were charging in the derelict chic neighborhood of Bushwick. After some poking around, they came across an ad that so epitomized the cliches of the neighborhood, they felt the need to respond and see what happened. I’ve attached for your enjoyment.

Original Ad:

– Artists in their 20’s. And a couple of cool kids that are over quite a bunch. All exploring, traveled for a long time, many places, many ways, for many reasons, loves: writing (poetry, prose, music), music, sculpture, wood, metal, wilderness survival, linguistics, spraypaint, old school hip hop, agriculture, cooking, binding books, leather work, cultural anthropology, herbology, sustainable technology, brewing, lots of loves, busy, many projects, high hopes yet grateful for the simple things, fermenting drinks, sailboats, staring, ridingmybike, fireworks, bandaids, hulahooping, moldy garlic, outer space, inner space, bulls blood, more greens, not talking, thoughtful type, bookart, recording magic, nihilism, hedonism, -isms in general

– interested in transforming a blank space into becoming a home.
– isn’t afraid to bust a move to good music (Ponytail, Love as Laughter, MaeShi, RZA, Dan Deacon, yeah, yeah, yeahs, !!!, Tom Waits, Girtltalk, MIA, High Places, Blackbird Raum) at a moments notice.
– able to get excited and inventive about cooking up a vegan meal among friends once in a while
– into bikes and building them, fermenting, creating, and learning about all the other hoot and nannies out there to learn..
– interested in smothering amazing puppies with vicious love and discipline when necessary.
– one that can laugh, smile, and keep it zen on those not so decent days.

X/X you fill in the X’s to describe yourself


Hello good people,
I am interested in being part of your community.  Your description sounds perfect for somebody like me!  I just moved to New York from San Francisco where I had been couch surfing and volunteering for a cool environmental research group.  I’m a 25 year old male (don’t let the email address fool you, its just my friend’s who I am staying with) who is very easy going.  I love making art and would love to find an environment with like-minded people.  I have a freelance job doing graphic design right now and am excited to find an apt to settle in specifically in Bushwick since I heard it has a great scene.  I have spent the past few months traveling around the country on my way to the east coast and would love to share stories with you guys since you sound like really cool people.  I love to cook-mostly vegan dishes and your music list is totally my I-pod.

To fill in your X’s:

X brings out a guitar and harmonica now and then to jam with some friends.
– X likes to bring home special friends who happen to be much younger, even children, and appreciate them in ways that most people don’t understand.
Get back to me anytime!


Thanks for answering my ad! Are you searching for a spot asap??

Well, we are looking for someone ammmazing…This casa needs love and creative input..hopefully your in the market to vibe off of that!  🙂

ps. your last comment weirds me out just a tad, but I did attach a pic that you may fancy

Ed Note: They attached a photo of a child


Got your email. I don’t have a phone at the moment so I can’t call you easily but I’d like to set up a time to see the place.  It really sounds like the perfect place for me! The pictures of the place look really cool…along with the artwork!  You guys sound really radical yourselves. A few quick legalities…Is your place within 500 feet of an elementary school?  I’m waiting to hear if I will legally be able to live there….long stupid story about the MAN getting me down, you know! Well get back to me and let me know!


K, well just a head’s up..i’m having people see the room this week. Want to finalize a roommate sooner than later.

I’m so lost as to what this whole deal with you and kids are. No, I don’t think there is a school nearby. There is a daycare though.
Unfortunately that was the end of their correspondence, I really wish those kids the best of luck with their housing search. Potential sex offenders aside.

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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  1. Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
    March 15, 2010 at 11:26 am

    Fucking HILARIOUS!!!!

  2. alison
    March 15, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    We are famous! I should send this link to those people.