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The Clown Theatre Festival Wants to Help You Beat Your Fear of Clowns Today

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If you ever want to place a name to the that irrational fear you have of those pasty-faced, rosy-nosed people that prance around and get paid to be laughed at, it’s coulrophobia. Just for the record.

Also for the record is this: The Clown Theatre Festival, which has existed in three interations prior to this year’s, begins today with its inaugural pie fight and subway parade. Clowns, jugglers, and permutations on the gyrating jester will be found in great supply, both above ground and underground, and, eventually, armed with pies. The parade will begin at 5PM at (where else?) Union Square, move to the L line, and end, not so surprisingly, at Bedford Aveneue in Brooklyn, ending at The Brick Theatre. That’s where the pie will be. Also, clown noses. And FREE.

Union Square

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