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Faux Punk Play Pretend at (Le) Poisson Rouge

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Faux Punk is a Daft Punk cover band that fills a void. Considering that Daft Punk is physically incapable of being present at more than one place simultaneously, Faux Punk rises to act in their stead. (Sort of like what Batman is currently doing.)

Daft Punk has been in the news because their Tron: Legacy soundtrack hit shelves Tuesday.  Alas, the release only feels marginally like something from Daft Punk and not really all that worth listening to outside of the context of the film itself. But that’s neither here nor there.

To celebrate the release of the Tron: Legacy record, Faux Punk is picking up the Daft reigns once again. Using the same gear as the French duo, Faux Punk will recreate Daft Punk’s ALIVE performances, lighting up  (Le) Poisson Rouge with their own answers to Daft Punk’s music and wardrobe. They’ll also offer up samples from Daft Punk’s latest effort.

Clearly, this is not something the world deserves – but I’ll be dammed if it isnt something it needs.

Faux Punk @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker St at Thompson St [Greenwich Village]
Saturday 11 December, 11 PM
$12/$10 advance

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