Meikee Magnetic at Turbo Drive livestream
02 Jul 2020

Meikee Magnetic: SF’s home grown synthwave champion

Interview and Photos by Derek Tobias at IG: Simmonstobias  To hear the audio version of this interview with Meikee & Derek visit, where you will regularly find new interviews with some of the wonderful personalities that make the Bay Area such a unique and magical place.  Meikee Magnetic is a native

23 Jun 2020

All The Pride Weekend Protests And Rallies In The Bay Area

San Francisco’s very first Pride march was 50 years ago this weekend (as it was in many U.S. cities), and the local LGBTQ+ community will still act up this weekend with COVID-19 safety measures in place. Yes, there will still be Pride demonstrations in the Bay Area all weekend long.

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16 Jun 2020

Tenderloin Getting 68 New Trash Cans With Art From Transgender Cultural District Artists

We find what joy we can from the little things as coronavirus has decimated out meetups and gatherings, particularly as we do not have an in-person SF Pride this June. But there will be a gratifying commemoration this June of the Tenderloin’s legacy in the modern-day trans rights movement, and

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16 Jun 2020

All-Star ‘I Got 5 On It’ Reunion Will Benefit Robbed Dispensaries and Movement for Black Lives

Nothing elicits Bay Area joy quite like the three bass notes ba-DOOP-boop of the legendary track “I Got 5 On It,” the now 25-year-old single by the Oakland duo Luniz that has served as an international pot smoker’s anthem. But many Bay Area cannabis dispensaries have suffered massive and suspicious

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16 Jun 2020

The Summer Solstice At Stonehenge Will Be Streamed Live Online

The summer solstice is in a few days, and Stonehenge is closed because of COVID-19. But this year they’re going to stream the sunrise coming up over the mythical Stonehenge rocks in Wiltshire, southwestern England, so all you pagans and druids can totally tune in and watch it live. The

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09 Jun 2020

Aunt Charlie’s Lounge Hits Fundraising Goal, Bar Will Survive

The last remaining LGBTQ+ bar in the Tenderloin is not going anywhere. We reported last week that Aunt Charlie’s Lounge, the 33-year-old nightclub that we think is the best drag queen dive bar in the world, was in serious danger of closing on August 1 if they could not get

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03 Jun 2020

Aunt Charlie’s Lounge Will Close In August Without Your Help

It could be curtains for the last remaining LGBTQ+ bar in the Tenderloin, and it will be without community support. Aunt Charlie’s Lounge at Turk and Taylor Streets prides itself as being the “last queen standing” in what used the be the gayborhood of the Tenderloin, but a June 1

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02 Jun 2020

Oakland Tech High School Kids Hold Huge Peaceful March, Police Tear Gas Them Anyway

The Bay Area’s most profound peaceful march in response to ongoing police brutality was Monday’s inspiring George Floyd Solidarity March, organized by Oakland Tech high school students and pulled off safely and without a hitch. The same cannot be said for the Oakland Police Department response, which resorted to tear

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