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50% Off at Lower Haters!! Dope Clothes Here I Come!

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Ever since they first opened in 2006, Lower Haters has been the go to spot for all things cool in the Lower Haight. From dope t-shirts to prints by the Bay Area’s best street artists, Lower Haters brings unadulterated awesomeness to any who enter its doors. Pretty much all of my friends have at least one item from the shop and even the ones that don’t, respond to hearing its name by saying, 'œI fucking love that place!' And so do I. Back when I made zines they used to slang them, and later when I went on to do shirts and real books, they sold those too. So there’s a million reasons I think Lower Haters is one of the coolest stores in the city, but the main one is that it just is.

As you can guess, I’m pretty excited about doing a deal with these cats and you should be too because it’s a great one. For just $12 you get $24 worth of gear at Lower Haters! And that covers anything in the store, whether it’s a new hoodie for the rainy season, an awesome girl’s shirt, or a one of a kind piece of art.

I figure, what better gift to give someone for the holidays than the gift of awesomeness. Unadulterated awesomeness no less! Truthfully, I don’t care if you give this Broke Buck away or spend it on yourself. But, you should buy this shit now so that when the deal expires you’re not like, 'œMan, I knew I should’ve bought that Broke Buck. Lower Haters is one of the coolest stores in the city and I dropped the ball!' I’m just saying'.

Lower Haters
597 Haight St. @ Steiner
[Lower Haight]

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