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23 Jan 2024

Monkeybrains: The Bay Area’s Anti-Corporate, Anti-Monopoly Internet Service

They have been a local, independent internet service provider since 1998 and have developed a rabid following because, quite simply, they rock. And I’m not just saying this because they’re giving me money to do so, I’ve been a very satisfied, paying customer of theirs for over seven years now.

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30 Nov 2023

San Francisco’s Ultimate ‘Shop Local’ Holiday Guide

Perhaps you’ve recently read “The Five Love Languages” and realized that your partner/parent/sister/neighbor/bestie/workmate/kid’s teacher/barista/mail delivery person/child’s/ ______ (fill in the blank) love language is “receiving gifts”, or perhaps it’s just that time of year (again) and you refuse to give more money to Amazon. Good for you! In any case,

20 Oct 2023

WITCHFEST is Bringing Magic & Witches to Alameda This Saturday

This Saturday, a gathering of witches is happening in Alameda: the third annual WITCHFEST 2023. This magical event will bring together seven local Bay Area Witch shops, over 30 independent Magickal Vendors, and a multitude of Holistic and Mystical Practitioners in Alameda, California for one day only. This event will

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11 Aug 2023

Meet Shana, the Artist & Vintage Maven Behind Fox & Doll

I often tell people that being an artist starts the moment the artist is born. That theory holds true with this week’s featured artist who feels like they’ve been creating their whole life. At the tender age of 13, Shana Astrachan started making jewelry when they found some dusty books

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09 Aug 2023

Did You Know August is National Black Business Month?

By now you should already know that many of your favorite inventions have been made by Black people. You’re also, probably, well aware that some of your favorite brands are Black-owned (The Lip Bar, Fenti, BET, FUBU, Telfar, West Elm, Salamander Hotels and Resorts, etc.) – we even shared a

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23 Dec 2022

Appease Visiting Tourists With This 1-Day Drive Through San Francisco

I’m sure I’m not the only one that dreads having to accompany visiting friends and family to all of the San Francisco tourist-y destinations. I figured out a solve though. Having lived here for most of my life, I’ve developed the perfect 1-Day Driving Tour of The City with short

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12 Aug 2022

West Oakland Now Has Its Own Farmers Market

As of June, West Oakland now has its own Farmers Market. We sat down with the creator of the market to learn more about what makes this one unique and what the future holds for this new event. Currently, the market features 45-50 vendors including local, seasonal growers, pasture-raised meats,

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16 Mar 2022

Legendary Vintage Shop Moves to North Beach After 10 Years in the Tenderloin

Exactly one decade after its debut in San Francisco, Vacation closed its Tenderloin storefront at 704 Larkin Street on February 15, 2022.  Kristin Klein, the owner of the legendary vintage shop, was initially drawn to the Tenderloin as a “timeless snapshot of a city,” imbued with a great nostalgia “where

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