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Live Above the Law with Fat Tony– FREE Performance This Tuesday!

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Like to live life on the edge?  Want to feel like you’re on Judge Judy, or one of those other courtroom shows that I don’t watch?  Do you also love art, music, and FREE entertainment?  Well, believe it or not, there’s a magical place that combines all of these things– The Clocktower Gallery in TriBeCa.  As part of its Above the Law series, The Clocktower Gallery will offer FREE live musical performances this summer, the next being underground hip hopper Fat Tony tomorrow, July 26th at 6pm.

 I first journeyed to The Clocktower Gallery last summer to see James Franco’s (be still, my beating heart!) art show, and totally delighted in the ridiculousness of the gallery’s location.  Located in an unmarked, City-owned building, my friend and I walked past the gallery three times before we realized that it is actually inside of a parole center.  We entered, had to show ID, and have our bags scanned by a jolly security guard with—to borrow a phrase from Elton John—a “pirate smile,” who was completely confused when we mentioned where we were headed.  The gallery is eerily located on the 13th floor of the building, but the elevator only goes up to the 12th, so we de-‘vatored and traversed The Scariest Staircase Known to Man, and then a dark hallway, before emerging into a spacious gallery with a friendly, awesome staff and great events.  I mean, you basically gotta go on an Icredible Journey to get to this place, but if you commit, it pays off.  You just feel so “insider” viewing art in an off-the-beaten-path gallery that’s tucked away amidst legal offices and hoodrats awaiting trial.

 Curated by Joe Ahearn, Above the Law focuses on showcasing the work of young, emerging artists and musicians (a.k.a. broke-asses like us!).  Drawing from both pop and avant-garde, the series offers a diversity of performances from ballroom dancing to rap.  The full schedule can be found HERE, but this week’s performer, Fat Tony, is a treasure.  Known for his energy and original lyrics, he’ll start with a DJ set of his artistic influences and follow with a free-styled reinterpretation of his album, RABDARGAB.  Really, how could you not want to see someone who calls himself “Fat Tony” who isn’t a 55-year-old, greasy apron-wearing owner of a pizza slice shop?

 Fat Tony, FREE at Above the Law

Tuesday, July 26th at 6pm

Clocktower Gallery

108 Leonard St., 13th Floor (between Broadway and Lafayette)

New York, NY 10013 [TriBeCa]

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Carrie Laven - Pretty Penniless

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