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Five Things I Think Are Cool That You May Not

Updated: Dec 09, 2012 20:33
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I wouldn’t necessarily refer to myself as quirky, but I do march to the beat of my own drum. Most of the time I live in my own little world and am completely happy with it, especially when I can listen to crap music without being told otherwise. So, with that I’ll begin.

Really Bad Pop Music


I’m pretty sure I have great taste in music. I listen to music you wouldn’t normally hear on the Top 40 list, but that generalization is all shot to hell when I admit my soft spot for a catchy pop song, especially old school jams like Wham! Something about it just makes you feel alive. Now that it’s the holiday season, I may just blast Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

Taking Yourself Out

One Friday I was contemplating what to do.  I didn’t have a date that night but felt like dinner and a movie. So what did I do? I went to a sushi restaurant and to the Kabuki theater. I dined by myself, enjoyed a little walk through Japantown and saw that Will Ferrell movie where he loses everything and has a rough go of it. I went out afterward, made some new friends and went about my merry way. You’re not restricted to time or location when you take yourself out for the night. There is no awkward conversation, no arguments with your date, no doing things you don’t want to do just to please the other person. I personally think I’m the best date.

Forever Lazies

They make so much sense. Not that I would go tailgating with a group of people  and run errands in one as they advertise, but Forever Lazies are super practical and amazing for those winter days that you can’t turn the heat up high enough and can’t have enough blankets on your bed. They have a hood, a zipper and are an even better alternative to the Onesie. Yes, I think Onesies are cool too.


I. Love. Games. How and why is Yahtzee so much fun? Other people haven’t been able to answer this for me. I could play Yahtzee every single day. Maybe it’s the numbers and patterns that I’m a stickler for, but maybe it’s the camaraderie of rolling the dice and wondering what you’re going to get. It all started in college when my friend threw out the idea to play. Nobody seemed too excited about it and nobody remembered the rules, but once we played a few games we were hooked. We’ve even come up with different variations of the game.

Rejecting eReaders

I will never buy a Kindle. Ever. I love books too much. The feel, the smell, the anticipation of opening the cover for the first time. I adore spending the day at the library or perusing a used book store. I once went out on a date with a guy who knew I liked to read, and his first question was not “what are you reading right now,” but “What kind of reader do you have?” What is happening, America?! Besides, books don’t have technical malfunctions. If you drop it, you can pick it back up unscathed. Call me old school, but I just love books.

These are just a few of the many things I admit to enjoying without shame. What are yours?

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Kristin Fehrman - Diva of Deals

Kristin Fehrman - Diva of Deals

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