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Were the Mayans Right? Find Out Tonight!

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mundo-maya-250x201For those of us sill believing that Dooms Day is on its way, come out tonight to see what the Mayans really have to say about it. Even broke-asses will have a chance to see what all the fuss is about – it’s FREE! There will be a ceremony to celebrate 12.12.12 – the end of the Mayan calendar. Meet at 24th and Bryant from 6-8 p.m. tonight to observe the indigenous ceremony, a low-rider exhibition and Latino/Mayan artwork.

The ceremony will be led by the Concilio de Ajq’jab – Mayan Curanderos to embrace the end of the Long Count Tzolkin Mayan Calendar, the 5,200 tun (tun + 365 day period and welcome the 5th processional cycle of the earth which will bring the new spiritual transformation of higher level of consciousness, enlightenment and immerse ourselves in its rhythm that we really need at this time current time on mother earth. The Bak’tun is the new beginning of an amazing era of change, understanding, reconciliation and peace to forge a better future for present and upcoming generations.

This will bring us up to date as we enter the Age of Aquarius and turn the page, so to speak, into a new era. Don’t forget your umbrella in this downpour! Keep your eyes out for Noah and his Arc passing through the flooded streets of the Mission for a surprise appearance as well…


Mayan End of the World Block Party
Friday, December 21st
6-8 p.m. 24th and Mission St. [Outer Mission]



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Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

Heidi works for a non-profit cultural exchange organization helping others experience life from a different perspective. She likes magnetizing the obscure and scavenging the city for fun, free things to do. She is a world traveler, a freelance writer and a spontaneous chef. She is also said to be part-mermaid.