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Sketch San Francisco Class

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Want to sketch a Mission adventure?

This is your kind of class. Local artist Courtney Cooper has a series of Skillshare classes going where she leads groups through different SF areas on sketch-friendly walk-abouts. You get a sketch-friendly tour of a sometimes-sketchy neighborhood from a sketch-artist. Sounds sketch-tastic.

Sketch San Francisco Skillshare Class

I love the idea of approaching a walk around San Francisco explicitly as an artist looking for and ad inspiration. Here’s her description:

Travel to hidden spots within the Mission were you will get down and dirty drawing in your brand new sketchbook.  This is the perfect chance to start capturing your travels throughout the city while honing your drawing skills, practicing new techniques and learning to look closer at the world around you.  

The class will start out with a couple quick exercises and then get deep into a few good sketches. Along the way I will show you different techniques for composition, line weight, style and creating depth. Enrollment will include sketchbooks and access to a variety of materials from pens and pencils to water colors, ink and charcoal.

So, if you sign up for this class you get a brand new sketch book, a guided sketch-friendly tour of the Mission, and a professional artist giving you tips as well as offering you as many water colors, ink, charcoal and whatnot as you can use. And to top it off, you know you’ll be in the same spot as ten other sketchers who want to do the same thing.

Sounds like the outline of a good Saturday afternoon.

Sketch San Francisco Skillshare Class
2:00 – 4:00pm
Saturday, March 23
Mission Neighborhood

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