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Late Night Basement Returns with Nick Turner, the Lucas Brothers…and Courtney Love?

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Jokes, entertaining interviews, 2-for-1 beers from Heavy Seas brews and shenanigans return to the Pine Box Rock Shop via Late Night Basement with Chris Rose, the best late night talk show in Brooklyn. (That’s a fact, not an opinion.)

This month you can expect to catch some jokes from comedian Nick Turner and the Lucas Brothers from the animated Fox series, Lucas Bros Moving Company. An interview with Gary Shteyngart, the author of the memoir Little Failure and the novel Super Sad True Love Story will close the evening, but not before you’re serenaded by the sounds of the talented Sarah Dooley.

Also, don’t miss out on the new mysteries that “Courtney Love” has helped the History Channel solve. Check out the video below for a preview.

Late Night Basement with Chris Rose
Friday, March 28 at 9pm
Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan Street
[East Williamsburg]

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Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

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