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5 Pieces of Advice from Rum Raconteur, Zane Lamprey

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I had the pleasure of running into Zane Lamprey in my neighborhood last week. He was currently on a mini-tour promoting Monkey Rum. I attended his  launch party last summer and it did not disappoint. Amazing smooth rum cocktails and even better stories from the Syracuse native. He’s hosted more than 200 episodes of some of the best drinking/travels shows that have aired:  Three Sheets, Drinking Made Easy, Have Fork, Will Travel and Chug. His experiences and expert knowledge made him the perfect person to get some life advice from. Here’s the 5 life tips he had to pass along.

 1) “Never accept ‘No’ as a final answer.”

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And he certainly hasn’t. The show that introduced him to me, Three Sheets moved networks several times and fizzled out despite fans trying to save it. But Zane didn’t stop, he picked right up with Drinking Made Easy for three seasons. From there he continued on to Chug. This was the first ever television show to be funded through Kickstarter and was eventually picked up by Nat Geo. Nothing has seemed to slow him down. He’s found away around multiple obstacles through his career and has still found a way to keep pushing himself.

2) “Work hard.”

Just saw on Zane’s facebook that him and the band will be playing SXSW! Not sure what the date is yet, but around March 15-20…. So jealous I can’t be there! 

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Zane has been kicking butt for well over 10 years on TV shows, he’s written a book, had tons of comedy/drinking/music tours, recorded hundreds of hours for his podcast (a personal favorite), become a jacket designer, and a rum connoisseur with his own brand. After a successful launch in NYC last summer, a partnership with some premiere industry veterans and strategic investor groups Monkey Rum has expanded to California, New Jersey, and Florida.

3) “Make mistakes while you’re young.”


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Early in his career he was a cast member on Damage Control on MTV….remember that?! He was also the host of a VH1 reality show. Luckily for Zane missteps left him unscathed and were stepping stones to bigger tastier jobs.

4) “Never invest with your own money.”


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Between his two Kickstarter campaigns he fully-funded both with just over a million dollars combined. The aforementioned Chug was a brainchild that was birthed by the fans he’s accumulated over the years. (psst..I was one of them.) His drinking jacket was funded last December. The jackets will be on sale to the public in September, just in time for Fall. This jacket is the perfect piece for those who tailgate. I never know where a bottle opener is?!

5) “Live aboard.”


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Dubbed the ‘International Drinking Ambassador’, Zane has traveled to more than 61 countries. Learning about other cultures and people gives you a different perspective and makes you more open to new experiences. His shows are a great way to tide you over until you get your passport.

I highly suggest following Zane’s adventures via his Facebook or Twitter. I also hope you can make it to the next event he hosts for his booze. Monkey Rum represents this world traveler perfectly: sweet, strong, and lots of fun. Salud!

Boozing on Monkey Rum with @ZaneLamprey & @SteveMckennad!

Zane, Me, and his sometimes co-host Steve McKenna at the Monkey Rum release party. .

Image via Instagram/kittinexploits

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