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The Most Unique Noodle Shop in San Francisco

Updated: Feb 27, 2017 10:33
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This post was made possible by Noodle Me, easily the most creative Noodle Spot in SF right now.

Ramen Cover 1

Whether you’re out in the Avenues, strolling through Japan Town or bar hopping in Polk Gultch, San Francisco has many traditional Ramen, Pho & Chinese soup spots to choose from.

This noodle shop is different.  Noodle Me takes flavors and styles from multiple countries and lets the customers experiment with the combinations.   You want thick ramen noodles in your pho?  Or maybe gluten-free rice noodles in your vegan sesame miso soup?  Maybe you want to make your vegan co-workers head explode by adding a pork shoulder to that hyper vegetarian broth and noodle combination?  All those choices are in one shop now.

dope pork

vegan sesame miso soup, glutten free noodles, green onions…and pork shoulder

Chef Mike Yakura describes Noodle Me’s style: “we are an unconventional noodle shop. We took traditional flavors, ingredients, and styles (Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Indian), and brought them all under one umbrella…we are an amalgam of cultures, a mash-up, an acculturation of flavors and heritage. Our strength is our diversity, our willingness to break the rules and build something that is unique to noodles.”

miles davis

“Miles Davis bowl”, wheat noodles, corn salsa, spinach, ground pork, chicken, soft boiled egg, pork broth with a spicy miso flavor

Danny Sterling and Chef Mike Yakura of Noodle Me worked together for years in fine, Japanese dining at Ozumo and they’re part of the same team whose given us Dobbs Ferry in Hayes Valley (definitely a favorite spot for locals).  The shop is focused on quality ingredients, creativity, and the hustle of the financial district lunch hour.

As you’d expect from a new SF based company, they’ve got the tech and efficiency down, you can order online, get fast delivery, even get a full-on catered noodle bar delivered.  But what makes this shop special are the new flavors and combinations coming out of it all the time, like the like xo-habenero or peanut-yellow curry.  These guys are going to keep inventing different tasty options, and serving them up with noodles that are delivered fresh daily from Chinatown.


‘Veganese Bowl’, rice noodles, cabbage, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, spicy tofu, vegetable broth with a peanut-yellow curry flavor

Order Online for Pick-up
Delivery Deals with Grubhub
Full Noodle Bar Catering


Thee packaging just makes a lot of sense. Everything you need to enjoy a hot bowl of noodles anywhere, and it’s 100% recyclable.

Noodle Me
333 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Monday-Friday: 10:30am-3pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

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