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The soothing sounds of water fountains – a guide to choosing the best fountain sound for your home

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By Aaron Abel

If you are like most people, you probably think that water fountains are all the same. You put them in a place and they start trickling water and produce a sound that’s the same as every other fountain ever heard. That’s quite wrong, but people continue to think that way even though it’s obvious that now all fountains make the same sound Some are meant for interior use while others represent ideas for outdoor water features. Upon recognizing this fact you will also recognize the need for a certain type of water fountain sound for every occasion. Depending on what you want to do with yours, you can determine what kind of sound you need from your fountain in order to help it blend in and become part of your surroundings.  In this regard, we are providing you with some valuable tips on how to look out for a specific water fountain sound, or how to determine what kind of fountain will make the sound you want.

It’s all in the scenery

Needless to say, but you won’t get the same sound from a fountain that’s put in an empty room as you would from a fountain put in a wonderful, sound isolating garden.  The sound reflection and resonance of its environment contribute to how a fountain truly sounds, and keeping the various aspects of the sound of water in mind, you will be able to single out the best one for you.

Not all designs have the same effect

As you have probably noticed, fountains come with different design quality. You might have thought that was nothing to this past the aesthetic nature of the differentiation through design. That’s not the case however and you can be sure that fountain design plays a major role in how water sounds when it’s falling down the fountain slide or straight into the water basin.

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Depending on how much of the surface water touches before colliding with a bigger block of water, you can determine how drastic it will sound once it does splash in the basin pool. If you are looking for more silent fountains you should try out designs that have columns or supporting arms that water drips down on. These are the most silent fountains because they don’t make a direct splash like their more traditional and loud predecessors, the fountains with a big water basin at the base.

Finally, be true to yourself

It’s very important that you figure out what exactly it is that you want to do with the fountain. Is it supposed to be very loud or is it supposed to be very subtle and quiet? Depending on which route you’re going, you will find very different water fountains at the other end of your search.  However, the option exists and you are able to successfully choose your preferred solution out of the two. Just make sure that you don’t lose track of your initial purpose and don’t run off buying things that don’t help you achieve that purpose, as far as water fountains are concerned.

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