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Brilliantly Doctored Video Shows Trump & His Cronies Being Arrested

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Every now and again you see a video that warms your heart.  Sometimes it’s a Ken Burns documentary or a scene from a Wes Anderson film, other times it’s what could be described as ‘digitally fabricated federal indictment porn starring the cast from the Trump campaign’.  This week as Robert Mueller collected on the first two of his Federal indictments involving Trump cronies, animator and visual effects artist Hannes Appell aka (@1oneclone) made a brilliant video that has since gone viral, enjoy:

In the artist’s own video description:

“It’s Mueller time! This is for all those out there who cannot wait for the season ending of the gripping dumpster fire of a political shit show that is the current US administration. This video is dedicated to the Steele, the Washington Post, the New York Times, our homey Comey, the daily Colbert monologues and of course the Mueller himself, all those that make this current darkest timeline liveable until it collapses back unto itself. Video is a play on the Daredevil Season 1 ending montage. Song excerpt used is “From Russia with Love” sung by Matt Monro, 1963.”

1oneclone via youtube

Since practically all the creative people are on the left, you would think we’d get amazing videos like this lampooning the Trumps more often.  We hope digital animators stay sharp, because given Mueller’s first indictments of former Trump campaign aides, the unveiling of a surprise guilty plea by a former campaign foreign policy adviser and the manner in which he set out his case suggest his probe is sweeping, strategic, and steeped in detail!

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