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Punk Rock Karaoke for Trans Inclusive Gym in Brooklyn

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Going to the gym can be stressful for anyone but it can be especially difficult for those whose outside appearance may not represent who they really are (read Shakina’s experience with it right here). Trans people live with the knowledge that just using a public bathroom could result in awkward glances or even a confrontation so the thought of being in a locker room may discourage some from using the gym at all. No one should be afraid to improve their health because of what others may think of them.

POP Gym in NYC goes above and beyond to provide services for groups of people who feel marginalized, ostracized and prefer to improve their health in a safe space. They provide free self-defense classes and de-escalation workshops for queer and trans people as well as MMA training and exclusive identity-themed classes (I.e. Women, Women of Color, Trans, Gender Non-Conforming and Non-Binary). These classes are ideal for people who want to learn without worry of being judged. How many gyms have you gone to where the instructor begins each class by asking attendees to give they’re preferred pronouns, so everyone feels accepted? This ain’t Planet Fitness folks.

While they’ve been in operation for nearly a year POP Gym does not have a physical space to call their own, so they set up shop around the city in various spaces and host special events often partnering with local LGBTQ groups.

On July 6th POP Gym is teaming up with Punk Rock Karaoke for a fundraiser at the Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn to mark their one-year anniversary. They’ll be over 800 songs to choose from and prizes will be raffled off throughout the night. The proceeds from this event will go towards their goal of setting up a permanent community space somewhere in Brooklyn.

Pine Box Rock Shop 12 Grattan St Brooklyn NY | 8:30pm – 2am.

$10 suggested donation| 21+| All proceeds benefit POP Gym.

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