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The Broke Ass Drag Show Is Coming To NYC

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Broke-Ass Stuart loves drag queens and drag queens love Broke-Ass Stuart, so it was only a matter of time before we joined forces on a glitter covered stage. For the better part of 2018 we’ve been profiling the best drag queens in New York City. From the edgiest queens in Brooklyn to the most polished in Manhattan we’ve covered and loved them all and now we’re bringing them to the stage just for you.

Starting this Thursday, and continuing every Thursday, you can see the Broke-Ass Drag Show at 9pm at Bedlam Bar (40 Avenue C) NYC. Bedlam has what every Broke-Ass New Yorker needs: great drinks, a old timey photo booth, a ginormous moose head on the wall, and the most fabulous queens in the Big Apple.

Bedlam Bar- come for the drag culture stay for the taxidermy.

The drag mermaid of New York, Bella Noche, will be our hostess with a different drag queen guest performer each week. For the first show on Thursday October 18th, Whendy Whaxwood will join Bella on stage while DJ Gay Panic will keep the beats flowing and the crowd moving.

Come to the Broke-Ass Drag Show at Bedlam for drink specials, drag mermaids and a damn good time.

Click here for the Facebook invite.

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Joe DeLong - NYC Editor

Joe DeLong - NYC Editor

Former stand up comic, radio show host, mayoral candidate and fetish webcam model. Now I'm the male equivalent of a crazy cat lady.