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Breaking: Bomb Threats and Evacuations, San Francisco and Nation on High Alert

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Several bomb threats were reported in San Francisco at approximately 10:00 a.m. Thursday at locations across the city including The Jewish Community Center, the San Francisco Fire Credit Union – Presidio and the Marines Memorial Club. The incidents in San Francisco seem to be part of a larger menacing situation, with dozens of bomb threats at “government buildings, banks, libraries, schools and other businesses” across the nation, according to NBC Bay Area.

It has been reported that the Jewish Community Center, the Marines Memorial Hotel and several branches of the credit union have been evacuated while authorities sweep and investigate the areas.

SFPD Officer Tomlinson told NBC that the situation was developing and he did not know if more threats had yet been received; however, SFPD posted a tweet concerning reports of several similar incidents across the country and people from all over the U.S. took to the social media platform to describe evacuations in their own schools and businesses. Police and residents in several states have been posting in rapid fire about incidents in their cities and states. The threats seem to have reached New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, Oklahoma, Utah and Iowa, although that is not an exhaustive list of reports.

The threat appears to be coming from an email demanding $20,000 in Bitcoin payment sent to countless businesses and institutions. New York police commented on the email chain and stated that no explosive devices have been found.

The SFPD stated that it is working closely with partner agencies to thoroughly investigate all threats. At this time, it is uncertain where the threat originated or if any devices have been located across the country.

This story is still developing.


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