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Stephen Curry Is Terrifying the Rest of the NBA…with His Eyes

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As if the rest of the NBA universe didn’t hate the Golden State Warriors enough already…Stephen Curry just got even better, with contact lenses.

As it turns out, the signature Curry squint was a sign of blurry vision. That’s right, you heard that: Curry, the guy considered to have one of the best 3-point shots in basketball history, just discovered that seeing the hoop clearly helps him get the ball there.

Stephen Curry squints to read the board while sitting on the bench. Photo courtesy of USATODAY

The “slump” he was in, a 3-point shooting average of 31.7 percent over an eight-game period, was rectified with the help of contact lenses. The difference has shown up on the court over the past nine games, where the arguably most loved and hated point guard in the league has improved his average to a bitterness-inducing 48.7 percent. That means Curry has hit at least five 3’s per game in that time span.

He told Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic:

“I had gotten so used to squinting for so long. It was just normal.”

But since he discovered he has astigmatism and tapped into the the wonderful world of optometry and contacts, a crazy modern-world invention, he has expressed that it is like “the whole world has opened up.” And that, folks, is the scariest shit you can hear if you are not a Warrior or a Warriors fan (don’t hate).

The danger, for everyone else, in Curry seeing clearly for the first freakin’ time is best summed up in a Bleacher Report article:

“So Curry, already the greatest shooter in NBA history, has had slight vision issues this entire time. The man who set the NBA record for threes made in a season (402) and holds four of the top five seasons in three-pointers made, has needed to blink or squint at times. The man who sits third on the all-time list of deep balls made (2,469), and is just 31, could possibly have seen more clearly this whole time.”

If Curry was already a shooting legend, contact lenses may have just made him a damn deity. It may be that working around his visual handicap helped make him the shooter he is but now that he’s got the seasoned skill and eyes to match, dude just may be headed to a level of greatness that’s sure to shit the pants of his opponents.

You can catch the man, the myth, the legend Thursday as he and the team face the Los Angeles Lakers at The forum…with contacts.  Take that, LeBron!

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