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The Best Music Videos Made During Quarantine

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As the current theme goes, “we are all in this together” and that includes most of our favorite artists. Musicians across the world are also in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic and they are doing what they can to bring you the jams that make you happy while we’re all stuck in this jam. Whether it’s fan-made or self-made, this is the new hotness and current normal but it’s also an awesome way to help get through this. Let’s take a look at some of the best quarantine music videos that have dropped from the music makers you enjoy. 

First on the list is world-renowned cover song crooner and Sultan of Swankifying, Richard Cheese! With his band Lounge Against the Machine and a dozen of their most adoring fans they casted via social media and produced a truly collaborative rendition of Lizzo’s banger –  “Truth Hurts”. Do you think the guy in the shower is totally naked?

The LA indie band, PARTYBABY, called upon the people they care about most to help out with their new music video for the song, “Heaven”. Whether you believe in heaven or not, watching PARTYBABY’s family and friends sing and dance along selfie-style in oh-so-familiar isolation settings, is nothing short of angelic. 

It’s not just new songs that keep us slightly sane right now but the quarantine-versions of classics are also helping fans… and assuredly the bands too, pass the time. Take a break from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater to enjoy Goldfinger’s “Here in Your Bedroom” from whichever part of your home you decide to have a mini-mosh pit. 

If there ever was an anthem for our current situation, it’s what spawned from Curtis Roach’s viral TikTok clip while stuck in his Detroit abode. Now it’s a full-length salute to how everyone is feeling and it’s got Tyga on the track, collaborative from his own crib, here’s the ever catchy and poignant, “Bored in the House”.

Any pop-punker and emo kid knows that being a loner ain’t nothin’ new so but it was always the music that brought us out of our introvert isolation. Which makes sense that Blink-182’s video for “Happy Days” is another fan-and-band-made selfie-style music video featuring the Blink boys and their most loyal listeners.

Sometimes you’re just so alone you gotta do everything by yourself and that’s exactly what Snow Tha Product did for her “Nowhere To Go” quarantine instant-classic. Wrote, shot, and edited by Ms. The Product herself, it just goes to show that amazing things do, can, and will come from our time in isolation.  

Even the richest of superstars gotta do something to pass the time, right? Drake did just that with the help of whichever lady, or dude, is quarantine kicking it with him right now. Granted his settings make for the look of an actually produced and expensive music video (#relatable) it’s still pretty hype to see Wheelchair Jimmy self-distancing shimmy for “Toosie Slide”. 

Hopefully these videos brought you enjoyment and made you feel less alone in any capacity. Even with everything we’re going through, there will be silver-linings and moments of hope just like these videos. Let us know some of your favorites or if you made any yourself. Stay safe (and at home), keep healthy, be well, take care of each other, and wash your hands because we want to see you sooner than later (and alive).

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