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Poor Interpretations of International Signs That Will Make You Giggle

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These Tacos are Fire

The fire extinguisher sign was what started it all. Standing on a subway platform in Copenhagen, I wondered what the half circle was about. Kinda looked like a taco…

We are fortunate to live on a planet with a multitude of different people and cultures. Try as we might, there’s bound to be some miscommunication. This is a humorous attempt at purposefully misinterpreting the signs from several different countries. Hopefully it brings a chuckle to you during these times when travel is verboten. Oh, and it should probably be said: DO NOT TAKE THESE SERIOUSLY!


Regular Tacos


Paint Your Dog’s Butt


No Skulls or Hands Allowed


Fire-Fighting DJs Lounge


It’s My Dog In a Box!


1) Pull Lever 2) Pick Pocket 3) Welder’s Mask


No Sad Dogs Allowed


Film Your Lowrider Video Here


Only Bring Your Favorite Child


Pull to Release Robot Battle Lobsters


Dancin’ With a Train! Whoa, oh, oh! Dancin’ With a Train!


Uh… Ok.


Lunching On the Edge


Need Wifi? Jump Down Here.


People With Baguettes Should Hang Out With These Folks


Caution: Anthropomorphic Rabbit Traps


Pull Strings For Flying Baby


Caution: Home Videos From the 1980s


You guys go ahead. I’m just gonna hang out here for a while…


Seriously, These Tacos Are Fire!




Squares Go This Way


Put Triangles With Circles and Squares


Put Your Kid in a Cart. Let ’em get Rad. Go Upstairs and Shop For a Bong.


Bring Your Kids, Dogs, and Skis. NO BABIES!


At Least We Can All Agree on Crocks


No Sleeping on the Floor


This Alleyway Safe For Children


Stroll Onto the Boat and Do Not Smoke With This Dog


Free Robot Hearts


No Giving Thumbs Ups


Read a Book. Listen to Some Tunes. Beware of Arrows.

Thank you for reading these poor interpretations of international signs. Maybe you have some good ones, too? Paste ’em in the comments!

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Sam Devine

Sam Devine

Sam Devine is drawn to art, bikes, song and drink like the proverbial moth to the moth-heroin. He plays music, tends bar, and makes silly animations. In addition to writing for he's appeared in several publications, including MotoSpirit, SF Bay Guardian, Motorcyclist magazine, SF Weekly, and The Kiteboarder. Check him out at