Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret Is Kickstarting a Feature-Length Movie

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In a normal year, right now we’d be buying tickets to go see a spooky live Halloween musical show put on by Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret. But it’s since 2020 is a fucked up year of endless horrors, there are no live performances we can attend. But Kat and her band the Darling Misfits are bringing their whimsical musical revue to your own screen — and maybe the silver screen, if we can ever go the movie theaters again — with Misfit Cabaret: The Movie, currently being funded by a Kickstarter campaign that’s really kicking ass. 

“As you may or may not know, we are currently in a pandemic,” entertainer Kat Robichaud tells “We want to support our community, we want to support our Misfit Cabaret arts community. So one of the wonderful things doing this film allows us to do is pay performers to perform in the film, and put some money in their pockets and give them an audience.

Misfit Cabaret: Grimm

“We’re taking 8 — possibly 9 — of some of our most favorite performers, some are Misfit Cabaret alumni and we have a couple of new performers that have never worked with us before, and we’re filming them each doing one poerfrmance for one of my original songs. And we’re weaving it all together into one full-length feature film.”

Frankie Fictitious

The film is already shooting, and will feature Burlesque Hall of Fame award winner Frankie Fictitious, Shadow Circus Creature Theatre with an 8-foot-tall creepy monster puppet, circus performer Maggie Powers, burlesque king/qxeen Sgt. Die Wies (performing in her home, which is a schoolbus), aerial act Nina Sawant and Donkey Prince aerial act, one-time Taylor Mac cast member and drag artist Qween, and vocalist Johnny Rockitt performing at the Wave Organ.

“Johnny really wanted us to find him a church that would allow us to put a pentagram on the floor,” Robichaud tells us. “I actually reached out to several churches, Surprisingly, none of them got back to me.”

Image: @alloyimages

If the Kickstarter campaign hits its next stretch goal, they’ll add pole dancer and multiple-time National Pole Champion Seanmichael Polaris.

Each performance is shot at a different venue, like the Little Boxes Theater, the Old Mint, the Vogue Theater “A lot of the venues we’re shooting at, we wouldn’t be able to get into if it wasn’t for the pandemic and people not being able to go to these places,” she says.

Kickstarter supporters get killer premium gifts like keepsake boxes, enamel pins, posters signed by the entire cast, and even personal scrapbooks at a certain donor level. And of course, they get the first crack at seeing Misfit Cabaret: The Movie.

“People don’t want us to go away,” Kat tells us. “Because there are so many venues getting shut down right now, and so many shows having to disband. It’s really nice to have our community rally around us and say ‘We really want you to still be here when this is all over. I don’t think anybody in our cast and crew takes that for granted.”

Misfit Cabaret: The Movie’s Kickstarter campaign is still going, and supporters will get the digital download first, and the film is expected to be available to buy online in June 2021.

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