Outside Lands Is Going To Be Livestreamed Again This Year

Updated: Oct 28, 2021 09:45
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The Golden Gate Park music festival Outside Lands has not been livestreamed since 2017. They ended the livestream component in 2018, did not broadcast it online in 2019 either, and of course in COVID-ravaged 2020, they only did an online broadcast called Inside Lands.

But the festival just announced Tuesday that they’re going to livestream again in 2021! The question is what they’re going to livestream, and whether there will even be any performances whatsoever from the main stages. Consider, for instance, that their announcement of this above contains no information whatsoever, and the link just goes to a goddamned Levi’s advertisement. 

“Outside Lands is thrilled to announce its exclusive partnership with Twitch to broadcast the 2021 Live Stream hosted by Levi’s®,” Outside Lands says in an announcement. “Your host Hannah Rad and other surprise guests will bring you exclusive backstage interviews and special programming throughout the festival. It’s the closest thing to being there, even if you can’t be there! Lineup coming soon.”

But streamer beware…. “exclusive backstage interviews and special programming” is not the same as streaming the concerts. Another announcement for Outside Lands’ Twitter account above once again does not mention any acts being streamed and just links to another goddamned advertisement for M&Ms.

The Outside Lands Twitch page does show content scheduled from Noon-10pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which are the Outside Lands performance hours. But there is no additional information, other than the old “Lineup coming soon.” We’ll keep an eye out for that announcement. But if you still don’t have a ticket, your best bet for the big acts like Lizzo and Tame Impala may be to find a nice spot outside the fence instead.


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Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training

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