MAGA Clowns Try To Doxx Nancy Pelosi, Get The Wrong House

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Image: U.S. Embassy Ghana via Flickr

A viral right-wing Facebook post that’s making the rounds attempts to publicize Nancy Pelosi’s Pacific Heights address, but totally gets the wrong address. The post currently has nearly 5,500 shares, and declares in all-caps, no punctuation Trumperspeak, “NANCY PELOSI HAS INVITED ALL ILLEGALS TO HER MANSION AT 2724 PACIFIC AVE SAN FRANCISCO FREE FOOD AND PLENTY OF ROOM”.

Screenshot via Facebook

Nancy Pelosi does not live at 2724 Pacific Avenue. As every good Code Pink protester knows, Nancy Pelosi’s Pacific Heights house is a different house, it’s the one that got hit with a pig’s head and graffiti on New Year’s Day as seen below.

Image: @fogcitymidge via Twitter

Reuters reached out to the owner of the property described in the post and confirmed that Nancy Pelosi does not live there. The house in the viral Facebook post, which sold in 2015 and has a completely different exterior that you can see here, is in the same neighborhood, but is the wrong house.

Screenshot via Facebook

Facebook has put a “False Information” tag on the post, but still lets you ignore that tag and click right through to participate in the wingut circle jerk that is the comment section.

Screenshot via Facebook

If you do click the “See Why” the information is false button, Facebook will display the above Reuters Fact Check that will likely change no minds whatsoever among the nutjobs clicking on this post.

Screenshot via Facebook

And hoo boy, will ya look at the ratio on this post!

It is not a surprise that QAnon Trumpers got Nancy Pelosi’s address wrong. What is surprising, though, is that the Pelosis do not actually own their mansion. They rent! According to Nancy and Paul Pelosi’s financial disclosures, they own three Bay Area properties, and the Pac Heights mansion is not one of them.



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