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The All Women Art Show at the Voss Gallery Took Me to Paradise

Updated: Jan 24, 2022 13:44
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Lady Mags, Amana Lynn, and Ashley Voss (left to right)


It was a brisk Friday night in the Mission as I walked along Valencia up to 24th in a haste as to not be late for my 7:30 covid safe time slot for the Paradise art show at Voss Gallery. The Mission was abuzz with live music, diners whooping it up, and the usual suspects roaming the closed streets, distanced with drinks in hand. I could care less though having been entrenched in the San Francisco art scene for over a decade I was finally FINALLY on my way to an actual art opening thanks to my good friend and featured artist Natalie Gabriel. This wasn’t just any art show though, this was a dope, all female set, curated by the San Francisco legend herself Amanda Lynn. If you’ve been through the Mission lately, you have seen the huge tropical mural painted by these talented women near Zeitgeist.

As I approached the glowing corner of 24th and Bartlett I was met by my friend Natalie who was painting a live piece in collaboration with Liv (aka ORLUarts) and attempting to figure out the direction of a Telegraph Hill parrot who’s name quickly escaped me, thanks to the free wine beverages (canned with a straw) that I was greeted with once all proper identification, mask, and tickets were confirmed. I have since been informed that the parrot in question is in fact named Pablo, mystery solved.

Touch of Paradise by Amanda Lynn & Marley Sutter

While Voss Gallery itself is not intimidating in size, the artwork on the walls filled the space with beauty. The intensity from the art somehow made the space feel much larger yet cozy and vibey. From Lizzo, Joshua Tree and all things tropical, the show was a must see for the casual art fan or the serious collector.

While Amanda Lynn was off walking the dog I had a chance to speak with Ashley Voss the owner of the gallery.  Not only was she completely approachable about all things show related she was down to shoot the breeze like anyone else who was just happy to be there. Having opened the female owned gallery in September 2019 she was building upon something big before the pandemic struck. Luckily for all of us, Ashley and the Voss Gallery endured. She directed me towards the basement level space called “The Down Low” which is completely experimental and comprises a plethora of artists within the Voss Gallery family.

Natalie Gabriel and Carly Ealey (left to right)

Amanda Lynn eventually returned. Before any chit chat could be had I went full fanboy and snagged a picture in front of the Amanda Lynn and Marley Sutter (photography) collaboration “Touch of Paradise ” along with Natalie Gabriel who was the subject of the painting. Chit chat was had and I was introduced to Amanda Lynn’s favorite partner in walls and a legend in her own right, Lady MAGS. Before I knew it my 30 minute scheduled viewing time had evaporated just like my can of wine.

Thanks to all the amazing women who were a part of this show for giving art nerds like myself something to stare at and talk shop about. Ladies will run this world and I’m here for it.

“Paradise” group exhibition featuring New Contemporary work by California-based muralists:

Amanda Lynn
Carly Ealey
Celeste Byers
Lady Mags
Marley Sutter
Natalie Gabriel
Olympia Altimir

The show will be running until April 24th and can be seen during regular gallery hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 12-6PM or by appointment. For more info please visit the Voss Gallery’s website.

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