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12 Jun 2024

This is How Important Ranked Choice Voting Will be in the SF Mayor’s Race

There’s only one reason anyone runs to be the Mayor of San Francisco, as I explained to my kindergartener the other day. It’s to get on the rooftop of City Hall any time you want, obviously.  In The City, it’s not as simple as winning a popularity contest. Because of

12 Jun 2024

I Went to an AI Summit. What I Found Really Worried Me.

So far I am seeing tech moving very very fast and making some people lots and lots of money, while responsibility and human contact are becoming less and less important. People are being left out, and important discussions about equity, integrity, and intent are being left behind.

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11 Jun 2024

Best Bay Area Events 6/11-7/1

Say Anything: …Is a Real Boy 20th Anniversary Tour Say Anything have announced a tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album, … Is a Real Boy. The record, which includes the single “Alive With the Glory of Love,” is considered a classic from the 2000s era of

San Francisco Victorian buildings
11 Jun 2024

San Francisco Has Only Approved 16 New Housing Permits In 2024

Back in 2022, it came to my attention that San Francisco had been ordered by the State of California to build roughly 80,000 new housing units by 2031 in order to make rents more affordable, home ownership more attainable and homelessness less prevalent in the City by the Bay. So,

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11 Jun 2024

Donald Trump Visited Pacific Heights To Beg Big Tech For Money

Do you ever feel like we’re living in Hell? Do you ever get that certain sensation that accompanies the consumption of news that makes you feel like you’re perpetually burning alive? Maybe it’s just me, but this is one of those stories. Donald Trump, the orange man with the spray

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10 Jun 2024

Snake on MUNI Frightens Some, Fascinates Others

An unusual passenger took MUNI riders by surprise last week. A harmless snake found its way aboard an outbound K-Ingleside train. Video shows the curious serpent climbing the articulated bend. Identified as a boa constrictor, a nonvenomous breed and popular pet, the specimen frightened some and fascinated others. The man

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08 Jun 2024

“Company” Revival Debuts in San Francisco – With a Twist

“Company” has come to call at the Orpheum in San Francisco in the form of a gender-flipped revival of the original 1970 version. It opened Thursday, June 5th, at BroadwaySF’s Orpheum Theater running through the 29th. Originally a story of a marriage avoidant bachelor, the story takes on an a

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07 Jun 2024

Adorable Map Takes You on an International Food Journey Through SF

I was able to ask the founder of The California Migration Museum, Katy Long, some questions about the project and the non-profit and she has some interesting thoughts and shared how how food serves as a vital connection to heritage and the soul of San Francisco.

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