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Dray & Steph Address the Haters. Klay Sings, “Four Rings In My Bank!”

Updated: Jun 21, 2022 07:23
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It’s party time in the Bay! The Golden State Warriors are champions again! Warriors, Warriors. I can hear the chants still ringing in my head, just as soothing as the fog horns. The parade is rolling down Market Street today at 11:20am. Why it stops at 6th street I don’t know, it’s like the Warriors are new here or something? If only Club Six was still around for XL Red Stripes and that pack a punch Mai Tai. 

Club Six, SF.

Not sure where you were when we watched Steph Curry take his seat on the bench next to the all-time greats of the game with his finals MVP trophy. This is Magic, Jordan, Kareem, Russell, and Lebron territory. Elite, nuf said. Ok let’s knock out this recap and get to the tweets and the fun stuff.

As you know by now the Warriors closed out the series in game 6 in Boston Massachusetts. It’s only the second time in Celtics history they have lost a championship on their home floor. After going down 12-2 to start the game and a shaky start to the second half, the Dubs closed out the season with a 103-90 victory at the TD Garden. A great game from Cal’s own Jaylen Brown wasn’t enough for the boy’s from Bean Town. Did anybody hear from Jason Tatum, where did that guy go? Steph finished with 34 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists and was holding not one but two big ass trophies over his head. 

Ok, now the fun stuff. The Warriors owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber were both born and raised in Boston and Peter didn’t hold back when handed the mic in front of the Celtics crowd. It might be the “I got punked in high school but I’m richer than you” trolling of a lifetime. 

“Two Boston Guys win it at the Garden” in the most exaggerated Boston accent ever. Not to be out done by Klay Thompson’s “Holy Cannoli” reference. 

“I’m just thankful to be here man. This is crazy. I can’t even believe it. I knew (winning the title) was a possibility, but to see it in real time … holy cannoli!, this is crazy” 

Draymond Green had a game and a quote, as one Draymond does. “Welcome back to the Warriors invitational.” For those keeping score at home The Golden State Warriors have reached 6 out of the last 8 finals winning four of them. Dynasty material. He also had quite the Mic drop where he basically called former hooper and ESPN talking head Kendrick Perkins a clown here.

I’m pretty sure Damien Lee is still smoking fat cigars. So let’s go San Jose, East Bay, and the Sucka Free. Mission District bring those fireworks and let’s have a Poole party. Dub Nation will be out there dancing in the streets and hopefully getting more classic one-liners from the likes of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Warriors in 2023, Let’s run it back. Be safe and let’s get it. Today is ours. 

In the words of Klay “1, 2, 3, 4, rings in my bank account!”


Warriors’ parade route in 2022:

Begins on Market and Main streets in downtown San Francisco (approx 1120am). The Golden State Warriors will make their way down to Market and Eighth streets, where the parade will end around 2 p.m. The stretch is just over a mile.

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