All The Cool Stuff Coming To Hulu In April 2023

Updated: Apr 06, 2023 10:52
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For those needing entertainment after March showers, Hulu in April offers some nifty book adaptations.  They include Mary Harron’s cult classic p*ss-take on “acceptable” male behavior, a floundering writer’s life-changing advice columnist experience, and a weaponizing of sexism to bring down a Mafia branch.  

A couple of documentaries showing this month deliver political mind-blowers.  Visit a Christian youth summer camp and wonder if the groundwork for America’s current state of political divisiveness was laid here.  See the unexpected links between a legendary rap superstar and a Black Panther feminist activist.

Whether you want to join in the celebration of LGBTQ+-friendly media or follow the further exploits of the Loid Forger family, Hulu may very well offer something to cure what ails you on Hulu in April.

Coming to Hulu starting April 1

American Psycho comes to Netflix this April – photo from IFC

American Psycho–Handsome narcissistic Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) has it all.  He’s a successful investment banker flourishing in 1987 New York City.  But he’s also a serial killer by night.  Director Mary Harron’s cinematic adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ notorious titular horror novel makes this familiar situation work spectacularly by turning the premise into a very dark comedy.  Bateman’s killings become “socially acceptable” male behavior taken to extremes.

Bend It Like Beckham–Keira Knightley made her career breakout performance in Gurinder Chadha’s crowd-pleasing sports comedy.  When tomboyish Jules (Knightley) sees Jess (Parminder Nagra) displaying mad soccer playing skills, she convinces the 18-year-old Indian to play for her semi-professional soccer team.  Yet Jess must hide her surreptitious athletics from her strict parents via increasingly elaborate excuses.  A growing infatuation with team coach Joe (Johnathan Rhys-Meyers) soon brings a new set of headaches for Jess.

Courage Under Fire–Thanks to a coverup of his responsibility for a friendly fire incident that resulted in the deaths of several men under his command, Lt. Col. Serling (Denzel Washington) has been reduced to desk duty.  Yet his sense of guilt has taken a toll on his personal life.  A routine examination of a posthumous Medal Of Honor for one Karen Walden (Meg Ryan) offers a break for the officer.  Walden is a medevac pilot who supposedly saved her crew after her chopper got shot down.  Yet the surviving crew members give wildly conflicting accounts of Walden’s actions and Serling begins to suspect a cover-up.  There’s also political pressure on him to ok Walden for the Medal of Honor.

Diary Of A Teenage Girl–-Marielle Heller directs this acclaimed adaptation of Phoebe Gloeckner’s semi-autobiographical graphic novel, coming to Hulu April 1st.  In mid-1970s San Francisco, drugs and loosened attitudes about sex fill the air.  Minnie is a budding 15-year-old artist who lives with her bohemian mother Charlotte (Kristen Wiig).  While Minnie’s mother encourages her daughter to take pride in her body, she draws a big red line against her daughter upstaging her for the sexual attention of men.   Trouble truly develops when Minnie’s hunger for affection and her  curiosity about sex leads to Minniel losing her virginity to the far older Monroe (Alexander Skarsgaard), Charlotte’s dim boyfriend.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes–This acclaimed reimagining of the late-1960s “Planet Of The Apes” movies centers the film around the character of Caesar (played by Andy Serkis here).  Thanks to in utero exposure to an experimental cure for Alzheimer’s, the chimpanzee has been bestowed with human-level intelligence.  Several years after being adopted by pharmaceutical chemist William Rodman (James Franco), the ape can now play games and communicate via sign language.  But trouble starts brewing after Caesar learns his tragic origins and an act of defense leads to the intelligent ape getting taken away by Animal Control.

Diary of a Teenage Girl is coming to Hulu in April- photo from

April 2

Chainsaw Man Season 1–In an alternate timeline, humans and devils openly exist in the same universe.  Devils are either being hunted or employed by humans.  Teenage Denji takes any job in a continuing effort to pay off his late father’s debts to the Yakuza.  But that mercenary behavior is also balanced by such caring and compassionate acts as rescuing a stray dog he names Pochita.  When a job goes so horribly wrong that Denji is killed, Pochita brings the boy back to life.  For this “dog” is actually the powerful Chainsaw Devil.  Pochita’s fusion with the boy’s body creates Chainsaw Man, the demon who can rip and tear through his enemies.

April 3

Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields—This new documentary mini-series provides a candid portrait of the life on both sides of the camera of model turned actress Brooke Shields.  Public sexualization as a child model did no favors for Shields’ life.  As Lana Wilson’s film shows,  Shields’ efforts to find her own voice and learn to have agency would ultimately save her. .

April 5

The Good Mothers–In 2009, the wife of a member of the ‘Ndrangheta (the name of the Calabrian branch of the Mafia) is not only murdered but has her corpse set ablaze.  The homicide was retribution for the wife’s plan to testify for the state against the ‘Ndrangheta.  Public prosecutor Alessandra Cerret realizes the sexism baked into ‘Ndrangheta culture could be a weapon to bring the organization down.  Her plan is to persuade three ‘Ndrangheta wives to stand up for themselves and sabotage the criminal organization from within in exchange for state protection.  But in this war, some of these women will not make it out alive…  Based on Alex Perry’s best-selling book.

April 6

Dave Season 3–In this surreal comedy on Hulu, young upper-middle-class Dave Burd is determined to become one of the greatest rappers of all time.  In the past, Dave’s path to fame has involved such things as his becoming a human billboard, having to bargain with the South Korean police, and putting an NBA star into the hospital.  In the new season, Dave and his entourage set out on their first national tour in a pink tour bus.  As they crisscross the U.S., not only will they discover the diversity of American culture but they’ll learn how easily fame can squash love and friendship.  Chloe Bennett (“Agents Of SHIELD”) will have a recurring role as Robyn the photographer.

The Last Stand–Korean director Kim Jee Woon (“I Saw The Devil”) directs Arnold Schwarzenegger in the former governor’s first post-Sacramento action film.  Ray Owens (Schwarzenegger) is the sheriff of the sleepy Arizona border town of Sommerton Junction, a far cry from Owens’ days on the LAPD Narcotics detail.  Sommerton Junction’s about to become less sleepy thanks to an unwelcome visit from the Pablo Escobar-like Gabriel Cortez.  The drug lord has escaped federal custody.  Thanks to a souped up Corvette and a small mercenary army, Cortez’s run for the border will bring him to Owens’ town.  Can this aged sheriff, his deputies, and some of Sommerton Junction’s residents foil Cortez’s plan?  It helps that one Sommerton Junction resident happens to be a real gun nut.

Spy x Family

Spy X Family – photo from

Spy X Family Season 1 Pt. 2– For those coming in late to this anime adaptation of the popular manga, superspy code-named Twilight’s newest assignment requires him to have a fake family.  Twilight assumes the name of Loid Forger, adopts a 6-year-old orphan named Anya, and marries a shy young woman named Yor.  Loid keeps his real identity secret from Yor and Anya.  The new wife and mother keeps to herself that she’s also a highly skilled assassin.  And Loid and Yor’s little girl keeps her telepathic abilities a secret.  Somehow this odd trio forms a sort of family.  There’s conflicting information on whether the new episode block will continue the Operation Strix story line or see the Forger family trying to prevent a terrorist bombing.  What is clear is that the Forgers will have a new addition to the family: a dog…which has the ability to foretell the future.

April 7

Tiny Beautiful Things–Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern serve as executive producers of this mini-series adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s (“Wild: From Lost To Found On The Pacific Crest Trail”) titular memoir.  Writer Clare’s (Kathryn Hahn) family life is falling apart and her writing career is going nowhere.  When she reluctantly accepts a friend’s offer to take over the Dear Sugar advice column, she thinks nothing will come of it.  Yet as Clare starts reflecting on pivotal moments in her life while writing the column, she soon realizes (and conveys to her readers) that nobody is too broken to be able to thrive in life.

April 8

13 Assassins–A historical tale of bloody samurai action comes to the screen courtesy of Takashi Miike (“Ichi The Killer”).  It’s 1844, towards the end of Japan’s Edo period.  Cruel and narcissistic Lord Naritsugu is a monster in human form.  But because he’s the shogun’s half-brother, he’s in line for a promotion in rank.  The appalled Sir Doi asks the samurai Shimada (Koji Yakusho) to kill the evil lord.  Shimada realizes that he needs assistance in the form of a dozen additional warriors.  Yet even that won’t be enough to defeat an opponent who has at least 200 men at his disposal.

Jesus Camp–Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady’s documentary takes viewers to a North Dakota summer camp for Christian kids.  There, teacher Becky Fischer trains her young soldiers in “God’s Army” to do everything from speak in tongues to believe that the Bible is science.  Fischer herself looks forward to the day American democracy gets replaced by American theocracy.  Have camps such as this one helped create America’s current divisive political climate?

The Queen Of Versailles–Lauren Greenfield’s jaw-dropping documentary is a portrait of Jackie Siegel, a former beauty queen married to far older Florida timeshare company owner David Siegel.  Versailles, the mansion being built by the Siegels on Orlando’s outskirts, is intended to be one of the U.S.’ largest single family homes.  However, the Great Recession of 2008 imposes on the Siegels the need to adopt a decidedly non-wealthy lifestyle.  The average viewer’s jaw will drop on hearing Jackie ask a Hertz Rent-A-Car clerk where she should meet the chauffeur for her rented car.

April 11

Am I Being Unreasonable?–In this BBC comedy-thriller miniseries on Hulu, lonely housewife Nic (BAFTA winner Daisy May Cooper) lacks a support system for handling both a depressing marriage and a personal loss she can’t share with others.  Enter new town resident and kindred soul Jen.  Nic begins to open up to the newcomer.  Yet the “weird energy” Jen emanates soon suggests that the newcomer might have some dark secrets of her own.

April 12

34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards—Tired of news reports and other media filled with anti- LGBTQ+ haterade?  Then you need to catch the new edition of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation’s annual award show honoring media that does right by its portrayals of the LGBTQ+ communities.  This year’s nominees include “A League Of Their Own,” “Abbott Elementary,” “Nope,” Hayley Kiyoko’s “PANORAMA,” The Amber Ruffin Show episode “Don’t Say Gay,” “World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight,” and blog “Holy Bullies And Headless Monsters.”  Local writer Charlie Jane Anders is nominated for her trans superhero Escapade stories in “Marvel Voices: Pride” and “The New Mutants.”

April 13

Door Mouse—Mouse is an aspiring comic book artist whose day job is working as one of Mama’s (Famke Janssen) dead-end burlesque club’s dancers.  When friend and club colleague Doe-Eyes mysteriously disappears, Mouse can’t convince either Mama or the cops to care about the dancer’s fate.  As the aspiring artist and her sidekick Ugly take on the investigating themselves, they soon discover that Doe-Eyes is not the only sex worker to have recently disappeared under suspicious circumstances.  And that delivering justice is not always something to solely be left to the authorities.         

Single Drunk Female Season 2–It’s the return of this comedy series about the misadventures of 20-something Samantha Fink on Hulu, whose alcoholism problem torches her New York City life.  She’s  forced to move back in with her overbearing mother Carol (Ally Sheedy).  The new season sees Samantha a year-and-a-half into her sobriety journey and ready to enjoy her life. Yet she still has a long way to go to figure out what she can change about herself and what she needs to accept.  This season will also add Busy Philipps in a recurring role and reunite Sheedy with her “The Breakfast Club” co-star Molly Ringwald for an episode.   

April 14

She Will–Charlotte Colbert’s debut film won the Golden Leopard for Best First Film at the 74th Locarno Film Festival.  Aging movie star Veronica Ghent (Alice Krige) travels to a remote Scottish retreat, accompanied by her nurse Desi.  The film star hopes for some solitude as she recovers from a recent double mastectomy.  But Ghent soon finds: a) the retreat delivers far less isolation from other human beings than she had wanted, and b) the land she’s staying on served centuries ago as the site where suspected witches were burned at the stake.  Yet the long passage of time hasn’t dulled the “witches”’ desire for revenge. 

April 17

New Girl (Complete Series)–When 20-something Jessica “Jess” Day (Zooey Deschanel) discovers her boyfriend Spencer cheating on her, the kooky teacher immediately moves out and looks for a new place to live.  She eventually becomes the new roommate in a Los Angeles loft populated by three men close to her age.  Nick Miller works as a bartender.  Schmidt is a successful marketing associate and self-styled ladies’ man.  Winston Bishop is an old friend of Nick’s who’s trying to rebound after losing his spot on the Latvian Basketball League.  The series follows the roommates’ growing friendships and romantic entanglements.

April 18

The Quake–In this Norwegian disaster film coming to Hulu, geologist Kristian Eikjord has been emotionally devastated after surviving a terrible tsunami that killed 248 people.  When he sees convincing evidence that a major earthquake is about to strike the Norwegian capital of Oslo, he tries to both warn the authorities before it’s too late and find a way to emotionally reconnect with his estranged family..

April 19

Algiers, America: The Relentless Pursuit–This sports documentary mini-series on Hulu takes viewers to the predominantly Black Edna Karr High School in the Algiers district of New Orleans.  The pride of Edna Karr is the Cougars, the championship football team led by Coach Brice Brown.  The team’s success becomes more remarkable once the viewer realizes these kids live in a community plagued by such ills as gun violence, mass incarceration, and gentrification.  Can the Cougars beat the odds and win their fifth state championship in six seasons?

April 22

TuPac in Dear Mama on Hulu- photo by Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Dear Mama–Allen Hughes’ (“Dead Presidents”) docuseries on Hulu uses the relationship between rap artist Tupac Shakur and his mother Black Panther activist Afeni Shakur to present a mutual portrait of parent and child.  Tupac was both one of the greatest rap artists ever and a political visionary who would eventually become the face of modern Black activism.  Afeni became a 1970s feminist darling operating in the Black Panthers’ macho milieu as well as an intellectual and voice of the people.  The docuseries slides back and forth in time to provide a mutual portrait of both Black activism and hip hop activism.

April 26

Saint X–This miniseries adaptation of Alexis Schaitkin’s titular novel takes place in two different timelines, both connected by one tragedy.  Claire was only seven when her older college-aged sister Alison disappeared on the last night of her family’s vacation on the Caribbean island of Saint X.  The older sister would later turn up dead.  Resort employee Clive Richardson would be arrested for his alleged complicity in Alison’s death.  But thanks to a paucity of evidence, Richardson would be released and Alison’s demise would remain an unsolved mystery.  Years later, Claire’s chance encounter with Clive will compel her to find out the truth about what really happened to her sister.  But Claire’s investigation will also force her to face the reality of how little she truly knew about Alison as a person.        



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