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Is Club Deluxe Closing For Real This Time?

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Club Deluxe, an absolute institution for over 30 years in the historic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, appeared to be closing for good this time. At least according to Joe Anderson who bartended there for 15 years.

Joe wrote a heartfelt goodbye to Club Deluxe on his Instagram account stating: 

“So long, Club DeLuxe! 🫡

That’s right, after serving San Francisco for 33 years, our beloved bar sadly won’t be returning, folks. 😫💔 So if you’ve ever played/sang a note of music, danced, had a drink, or spent a single damn red cent in that place, I just wanted to say thank you, and that I’m grateful in more ways than you’ll ever imagine. I really had a killer time.”

View the original post here: 

No description available.

Owner Sarah Wilder has yet to confirm the club’s closure, but Club Deluxe has had near death experiences in the past.

Owner Sarah Wilder has yet to confirm the club’s closure, but Club Deluxe has had near death experiences in the past. Last year, I covered the club’s impending doom due to disputes with their landlord. However, after a gofundme, and an outpouring of community support, not just from musicians and patrons in San Francisco, but from the entire art community in the Bay Area, Club Deluxe miraculously stayed open. 

Unfortunately, the victory appears to have been short-lived. 

So if you miss the atmosphere, music and ambiance of Club Deluxe, or if you’re yet to experience it yourself, now may be your last chance to make booze-soaked memories in a bar that was well-loved by everyone. 

RIP Club Deluxe???






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