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Hey A’s Fans, Us Giants Fans Have Your Back

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Alright A’s fans hear me out. I know, I know, too soon. I feel your pain having grown up with an A’s mom who babysat as a teen in the East Bay for Jim “Catfish” Hunter while he pitched in those classic World Series games of the 70’s. I definitely attended more games as a youth at the Oakland Alameda Coliseum than I did happily sitting in the cold at Candlestick. Regardless of where you choose to place your fandom it is a sucky time for Bay Area sports if I may use words from my 80’s childhood to describe how we all feel.

That being said the city of Oakland had still been pitching ideas to keep the A’s here, which clearly the fat cats that be were never interested in listening to or even acknowledging. I wonder if the 15 letters Mayor Sheng Thao sent to owners were even read. As the great Coach Prime once sang in his days with the Atlanta Falcons “Must be the Money.” Oakland still has two site options and has already appealed for expansion consideration. Bring on the Oakland O’s? Joe Lacob has been rumored to have expressed interest in owning the A’s or a possible expansion team. Which I realize is another point of contention for Oakland residents but the dude spends money to win. The Howard Terminal location looks prime for an expansion team and the Lacob group has the money to do it. 

Now to the option you won’t like but like I said hear me out. Bob Melvin, former A’s skipper and fan favorite, has left the San Diego Padres and returned home to the Bay Area where he grew up to get the Giants back on track. Bob has brought former A’s bench coach Ryan Christenson and Giant’s legend and former A’s third base coach Matt Williams along with him. That trio went on to win 90+ games in 2018 and 2019. Melvin is a players manager. He has great rapport with players across the league. Just about everyone that has played for him loved doing so. Why is this a big deal?

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First off Matt Chapman who has referred to Melvin as a father figure is on the free agent market. He was also an A’s fan favorite. While he has had some down years he still has a glove, range and could potentially snap back to a 20 or so home run hitter being that he is only 30. Sonny Gray, also a former Athletic, is a free agent who had the third best ERA in the entire league at .279. You see where I’m going with all of this. The Giants are desperate for pitching outside of Logan Webb. Maybe swing a deal for Matt Olsen? Get a blend of the band and get it back together?

So I know what you’re thinking, never, too soon, absolute blasphemy. I was backwards as a child and idolized Bo Jackson and Will Clark. I was a Raiders season ticket holder for 8 years when I was thrown into an open relationship I did not want nor ask for with the city of Las Vegas. It took time, 3 years of trying to find a home knowing I would never go back to the Silver and Black. Then one day it happened. I donned a 90’s era crew neck and the rest is history. I caved and became a 49ers fan. I’m not saying come over right away, after all we were one of the unanimous votes. It will take time but Giants fans are here for you. One thing we can all agree on: John Fisher. That baseball hating, penny pinching, spineless chump can get deeez nutz and that’s for my momma.

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