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11 Nov 2009

At The End Of Your Rope On A Monday?

Ever find yourself in Clinton Hill on a Monday night? That was precisely the situation I found myself in the other night when a sandwich board on the sidewalk told me about some seriously magical shit happening inside of the building it was in front of. Specifically, this place was

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04 Nov 2009

Take The A Train: Entertainment Express

The New York City subway is a vast, sprawling stage, full of entertainment in its stations, on its platforms and inside its trains. For $2.25, one could literally spend their entire life within the subway system watching the show. Any train will have its share of schizos, scammers and scandal.

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05 Oct 2020

The November 2020 BAS Voter Guide

Primarily researched and written by Stephen Torres with help from Stuart Schuffman. We stand at the precipice of one of the most polarizing federal elections that has ever occurred in this country. Each day brings another dash of chaos, and yet here we are, once again sifting through another labyrinthine

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28 Oct 2009

Smiths Speed-Dating in Brooklyn: How Soon Is Tonight?

[warning: non-Smiths/Morrissey fans may find this article slightly nonsensical] Tonight at the Black Rabbit in Greenpoint, Dave Hill hosts “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”— a night of speed-dating to the soundtrack of The Smiths/Morrissey. Don’t stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before, as this is a returning

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21 Oct 2009

We Have Thrift Off: Knickerbocker Avenue

Shopping at thrift stores is like playing the lottery. It can be extremely rewarding, but more often than not is just very frustrating and disappointing. Oh, look at that awesome shirt! What size is it? Damn, missed it by one number! I could have been style-rich! The odds in the

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15 Oct 2009

Washington Square Park Redux

“Washington Square Park is in the process of being destroyed and forcibly crammed down the throat of Greenwich Village as a cookie-cutter, picturesque, tourist-photo-background friendly zone.” “Washington Square Park is being renovated and remade into a more safe, wholesome, aesthetically pleasing place to go.” Well, that’s the controversy. Is the

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07 Oct 2009

NYC Subway: Scrounge Up A Free Ride

If you live in New York City, odds are you rely on MTA on a daily basis. You already know. So I don’t have to tell you how integral the subway system is to our daily lives. And as far as cost goes, yes, we must admit, even after the

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30 Sep 2009

Vanessa’s Dumplings: An Absolute Must

There used to be a place on Allen near Delancey that was simply called Fried Dumpling. It was a great place where you could get five pretty tasty dumplings for one meager dollar. (Note to West Coast folk visiting NYC: “chinese dumpling” is East Coast for the food you are

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22 Sep 2009

Broke-Ass Dentist: NYU College of Dentistry

For me, going to the dentist is about as thrilling a prospect as using a soldering iron to remove one’s own ruptured appendix. I use this fairly dramatic example in order to impart to you, dear broke reader, how very much I truly dread the dentist, despite the fact that

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