Katy Atchison

23 Sep 2022

New & Now: Indie Chefs Week Comes to Oakland

Indie Chefs is a new dining collaborative experience that is coming to Oakland for three nights only. 24+ emerging, well-known, and award-winning chefs will be featured throughout the event. Each of the three evenings, 12 local chefs together to co-create a dining experience. You’ll get to learn about each participant,

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20 Sep 2022

Hazzah! The NorCal Renaissance Faire is Back

Thou must go on an adventure! The Northern Californian Renaissance Faire has returned. The festival started last weekend and will be open weekends through September and October. During the opening weekend of The NorCal Ren Faire, my friend Vita and I decided to take the trek down to Hollister and

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07 Sep 2022

What it’s Like Writing About San Francisco for 20 Years

In celebration of my 20th year in SF, I am extremely excited to announce Slouching Towards Neverland: 20 years of Writing About San Francisco. Here’s a quick rundown: – This limited edition, hand-signed, new zine covers my two decades of writing about this strange and beautiful city. – Besides well known

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16 Sep 2022

People Who Hate The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is iconic. It’s a legend, a thing of beauty, the star of the show, a marvel, and everything in between. When I lived in Boston for a short period of time for college, I would come home from college and swoon every time I’d see that

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09 Sep 2022

State Steps In To Help These Oakland Artists Remove Illegal Diesel Generators

Last week, the last of 9 diesel generators were removed from The Oakland Cannery, Oakland’s original artist live/work space. This puts an apparent end to 2-years of unhealthy living conditions for the artists living in the building. Owners and landlords of the building, Green Sage, was forced to remove their

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09 Sep 2022

The Local Dahlia Farm Owned by Witches

It’s currently the height of dahlia season and the fields are bursting with vibrant flowers. Knowing this, I gathered a few friends for a picnic at one of my favorite hidden gems, The Happy Dahlia Farm. Located in Petaluma, the farm is just far enough away that you feel you’ve

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09 Sep 2022

Beloved Ice Cream Shop Under Threat of Eviction

So, as I was melting from this week’s heatwave, I learned that my favorite San Francisco ice cream shop, Joe’s, is under threat of eviction.  Here’s the scoop. Back in February, the building went on the market. Then, more recently, the owners of Joe’s (Sean and Alice Kim) had a

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02 Sep 2022

Toxic Algae Makes Huge Schools of Fish Go Belly up

Shocking numbers of dead fish are showing up on shores across The Bay Area as toxic algae grow seemingly out of control. The blooms have grown not just across the entire bay but, this week, folks have seen shocking numbers of dead fish popping up in smaller bodies of water

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26 Aug 2022

Low pay, Massive Fires: The Life of a CA Wilderness Firefighter

We now live in a state which has a high risk of fires for nearly half the year (or more). I got curious and ended up sitting down to talk with a California Forest Service Firefighter who has worked all over Idaho, California, and pretty much all of the western

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