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24 Apr 2020

Bay Area Artists: Sources for Emergency Grants

Most grant giving organizations are overwhelmed right now.  Many have already given away all their money and are looking for more donors to second or third rounds of grants & loans.  So, artists, realize that some of these organizations may be maxed out, and all will have different timelines, guidelines

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06 Jan 2022

The French Dispatch is an Art Nerd’s Dream

The French Dispatch is an art nerd’s dream, every type of fine art and artist was used in the making of this film, which moves and sounds like an international magazine, and if you’re a francophile, you are in for a treat. As one expects from Wes Anderson, the costumes,

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21 Dec 2021

Bill Callahan’s Three Night Residency at The Chapel

I got here last night and walked around. SF is a remarkably evocative and unchanging city. I’m sure if you live here it has changed a lot, but from my cursory grasp it feels just like when I lived here.

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16 Dec 2021

The SF Ballet is Back, and It’s Glorious  

There was a strong tingle of anticipation in the War Memorial Opera house on opening night. After two years without the pitter pater of ballerinas, without twirling tutus, and rippling Russian violins, The San Francisco Ballet was back performing live, and the excitement was palpable. 

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24 Nov 2021

Incredible NOLA Flavor at SFJazz Center: Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Ben Jaffe (double bass, tuba, vocals) grew up surrounded by jazz musicians, he toured with Preservation Hall Jazz Band since his birth. His parents founded the band when they went to New Orleans in 1960 and met some incredible musicians at an art gallery having an underground jam session. This

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17 Nov 2021

SF Chinatown Showgirl Cynthia ‘Empress’ Yee Is A Living Legend

“I think people come to Chinatown because they expect a Disneyland atmosphere,” Cynthia Yee says. “When they see it’s just a neighborhood, a community with restaurants and daily life, they wonder.” Yee is a tour guide with the award-winning Chinatown Magic Tours, but she was once herself at the center of

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16 Nov 2021

The Best Experimental Adventures to Go On This Week

Every Tuesday our subscribers get this awesome roundup in their inboxes. You should sign up right here to make sure you never miss a thing. From cutting-edge technology to new riffs on classic films, The Bay is full of entertaining experiments to try out this week! Whether you’re looking for musical-comedy

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15 Nov 2021

SF’s New ‘Eagle’s Nest’ Concert Hall & Monument to Music

In a small crowd of journalists, students, and millionaires we sat and listened to Yo-Yo Ma play his cello in the new state-of-the-art and very fun to say Cha Chi Ming Recital Hall

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