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01 Feb 2024

The Bay’s Legendary Eco-Artist: Bonnie Ora Sherk

Bonnie Ora Sherk is a bit of an ecological art legend in the Bay Area and beyond.  College Students learn about her work in environmental art classes, children practice her ideas at her Living Libraries, San Franciscans enjoy her visions in the green spaces of our city, and marketers should probably study her performance art as a model for garnering positive public attention and support.
BONNIE ORA SHERK: LIFE FRAMES SINCE 1970 Exhibit at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture (FMCAC)

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26 Jan 2024

Last Bart: The Song About Late Night Bart Rides We Can All Relate to

A late-night BART ride is not for the faint of heart. You’re transported between point A and B in the weird, twisted world of Bay Area Transit. There’s no telling what you’ll see onboard – a used joint, wild creatures from the unknown, left over food or even your classic

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18 Jan 2024

A Fabulous, Drag, ‘9 to 5’ Live! at Oasis

Guests jockey for space around the stage of Oasis in San Francisco. As they sip on cleverly named cocktails for the evening’s event the red curtains part. The blond head of Jubilee peaks out. Soon after, a mighty chest follows and Dolly Parton’s iconic song begins. “9-5 Live” has arrived

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05 Jan 2024

Sunspot Jonz: Hip-Hop Icon, Cultural Strategist, and Oakland’s Champion for 2024

Living Legends’ hip-hop star, Sunspot Jonz (Corey Johnson), just signed on as a Cultural Strategist for The City of Oakland, and he has big hopes and dreams for what he’ll be able to accomplish in 2024. As a published author, a fresh advocate for Oakland through the city, and an

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04 Jan 2024

Calls For Artists in San Francisco! Muralists, Sculptors & Glass Artists!

Just the latest calls for artists in the city via the San Francisco Arts Commission, a lot of very interesting artwork needs doing in the Mission, Hayes Valley, Treasure Island and on walls all over the city! 3 projects have application deadlines in January and one in March, if you

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29 Dec 2023

It’s People That Make This Place So Special: 2023’s People You Should Know

Editor’s note: We highlight Bay Area artists, makers, writers and creative people who are doing incredible work, it’s our way of supporting the creative community and helping to keep San Francisco a strange and wonderful place. Could it be that it’s the people that make this place so special? Looking

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21 Dec 2023

A Pagan, Artist Filled, Night Parade in San Francisco

  We marched through the entire Mission District last weekend in a ‘Night Parade’ that was full of costumed pagans, punks, artists, families, and other friendly San Franciscans. The New Orleans Style Brass Band, Mission Delirium, kept the entire procession dancing and gyrating through the night. While a group of

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08 Dec 2023

The Best Handmade Goods From Dickens You Can Shop Now

Dickens Fair is wrapping in a couple weeks and before it does I want to highlight some of the amazing handmade goods you’d find at the fair. With over 4 acres which have been  transformed into  holiday-themed shops, pubs, stages, and dance halls – there are over 100 small businesses

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