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09 Mar 2023

Mixing Diasporas: Drag Cabaret in SF’s Chinatown

The fact that there was a drag show happening in the space was a historic event in itself.  

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02 Feb 2023

Fred Armisen’s Comedy for Bass Players (but Everyone is Welcome)

I don’t think Fred Armisen needs an introduction, but for journalism purposes here it goes: he is one of the funniest people alive! He did SNL. Portlandia, Documentary Now!, Los Espookys and was recently on Wednesday besides many other great shows. One of my very favorites is his Netflix special:

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02 Feb 2023

The Story of 3 Generations of Pima Women: ‘Cashed Out’ at SF Playhouse

San Francisco Playhouse just had its world premiere of the drama “Cashed Out”. It is notable for many reasons. It is written beautifully by Native American lawyer, filmmaker, and playwright Claude Jackson, Jr. The play is the story of three generations of Pima women who live on the Gila Indian

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31 Jan 2023

Why I Love Going to Art Shows at Modern Eden Gallery

Written By: Saraah Dickens I’m always on the lookout for free things to do on the weekends, (because poor,) and my very favorite free events are art gallery show openings where I can get my semi-regular dose of beauty and culture. They’re all the art and fanciness of a museum

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26 Jan 2023

22 Years of Dark, Artful, Debauchery in San Francisco: The Edwardian Ball

Rosin Coven are exiting an era with one, final blowout bacchanal on all 4 floors of the Regency Ballroom.

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23 Jan 2023

Tinder Live w/ Lane Moore and Janeane Garofalo is at Sketchfest!

On her show TINDER LIVE featuring special guest, the AMAZING actress, comedian and activist Janeane Garofalo, Moore creates a character and matches with the most absurd, weirdest profiles on Tinder, live in front of the audience.

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19 Jan 2023

Masterful Designs by Dark Garden Corsetry Debuting at Edwardian Ball

Whimsical, elegant, romantic, kinky, silly, or avant-garde, Edwardian Ball costumes highlight two of the best parts about San Francisco – its rebellion and creativity when it comes to self-expression.

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21 Dec 2022

The new hair metal holiday ballad from Love Jerks

Watching the Love Jerk’s music videos feels like you’re hanging out in the Mission in the 2000’s.  There’s a fun, weird, vibe in the air, and the scenes are full of DYI costumes, humor, and art nerds you probably did a shot with at Delerium at some point.

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