Barbara Ehrenreich

05 Jan 2022

In 1987, 14 Great Minds Predicted the Future. What Did They Get Right?

I set out for groceries, but I found myself at The Magazine. The Magazine is a longstanding shop in the SF Tenderloin stocked with vintage magazines, ephemera, and erotica. It has been a purveyor of all manner of smut, art, and insight since 1973.  Earlier this week, I made an

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08 Mar 2010

7 Telltale Signs You’ve Joined A Cult

Well, OK, maybe “cult” is a bit of a strong term for what I really mean.  But seriously, the slope is quite the slippery one from Tony Robbins to Jonestown. Barbara Ehrenreich recently tackled the subject in Bright-Sided: How The Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America.  Here’s what

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