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03 Mar 2021

‘Beach Blanket Babylon’ Venue Club Fugazi Is Getting A New Show

The quintessential San Francisco musical Beach Blanket Babylon ran for 45 years, most of them at the North Beach venue Club Fugazi. That club has since sat empty since Beach Blanket Babylon closed for good on December 31, 2019. But has learned that a new show is in the

Joe Kukura- Millionaire in Training 2
25 Sep 2015

San Francisco Satire Lives in North Beach…And Wears a Funny Hat

The last time I saw Beach Blanket Babylon was nearly 10 years ago. I had just moved back to the U.S and I was staying in an S.R.O motel above a strip club in North Beach. Each night I would fall asleep to the soothing melodies of Lil Jon & Ludacris coming up through the floor boards from bellow

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