Bernie Sanders

25 Nov 2016

Why the Standing Rock Protest is Everyone’s Issue

The scene at Standing Rock is like a medieval morality play, pitting good against evil. Of all the nightmares in America today, one stands out as a symbol of everything that’s wrong: the Dakota Access Pipeline. As a symbol of all that’s right, we have the Standing Rock Sioux and

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10 Jun 2016

Hillary Gets the Nomination, But Bernie Won, Too

It seems like Hillary has sewn up the nomination, but in a lot of ways, Bernie also won. Anything could happen, in this strange election cycle, but it appears that—barring unforeseen circumstances—Hillary Clinton will be the first female president of the United States. It’s about time we had a woman

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09 Jun 2016

Stop Calling for Bernie to Quit – It Could Backfire

Guest Post by Reed Martin As the Democratic Primary winds down and we’re near the end of the election, the calls for Bernie Sanders to drop out to unify the party are strong. But this isn’t 2008, where the ideological differences between Obama and Clinton were minimal, and it was

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07 Jun 2016

Who to Vote for (Besides Bernie Sanders) in the June 7th California Primary

Wanna just get straight to the voter guide? Go here. I’m a huge Bernie Sanders supporter. I mean duh, we’re even selling Bernie gear and donating the money to his campaign. That said, there is a lot more at stake than just the presidency. The things that happen on a

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03 Jun 2016

Free Concert for Bernie feat. Dave Matthews, Fantastic Negrito, Cornel West & More!

Just saw this right now when I woke up  There is an epic free Get Out The Vote concert happening at Crissy Field on Monday, June 6th. This is the day before the June 7th primary of course. The line up includes Dave Matthews, Fantastic Negrito, Fishbone, John Dexter Stewart, and

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27 May 2016

Bernie vs. Hillary: The Real Popular Vote Count

Hillary Bots and Bernie Bros can both agree that Sec. Clinton’s Democratic Primary lead of 3 million votes cannot be considered accurate if it does not include caucus voters’ results. So what would the vote count be if caucuses were included? After Shaun King’s recent (and mostly correct) proclamation that

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03 May 2016

10 Times Ted Cruz Looked Like He Just Sharted

Ted Cruz is a perfect example of what’s wrong with America and nothing would make me happier than seeing Beto O’Rourke beat him and become a United States Senator. Why is Ted Cruz awful? Well here are some reasons, and here are some reasons, and here are some more reasons.

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08 Apr 2016

How to Become a Delegate and Help Bernie Sanders Win California

At best, the electoral process is confusing. At worst, it’s a labyrinthine ordeal that takes power out of the hands of the people and puts it in the hands of some weird motherfuckers like the electoral college, who can crown a president even if he or she gets less of the

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