Black Friday

29 Nov 2020

Capitalism, Racism, and Black Friday: Deconstructing America’s History of Exploitation

Reclaim Black Friday is calling on brands to redistribute a percentage of their sales to Black and Indigenous land-based organizations, instead of running sales during Black Friday weekend.

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20 Nov 2019

Who Needs Black Friday When There’s Green Friday?

After 5 years of being one of San Francisco’s best cannabis dispensaries, Harvest has planted new seeds. The shop formerly known as Harvest has turned over a new leaf and has now become Urbana.

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15 Sep 2022

Come to My HUGE 20th Anniversary Party!

This is my 20th year in San Francisco! And to celebrate this milestone, I’m throwing a HUGE party that’s two decades in the making. This party will be full of performances from some of the Bay Area’s brightest local acts. Expect everything from burlesque to live music and from comedy

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26 Nov 2017

Screw Cyber Monday…It’s Broke-Sunday!

25% off the Entire BAS Store! Happy Broke-Ass Sunday! Fuck Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I just invented Broke-Ass Sunday (Shop Local Saturday…you’re still cool)! Everything in the BAS store is 25% off just for today! All you gotta do is use the code: BROKEASS-SUNDAY Our Resistance Line I give 1/3 of my profits from

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23 Nov 2015

Fuck Black Friday: Do These Cool 5 Things Instead

Rather than risking your life (yes, people have died in Black Friday shenanigans) for a less-expensive TV, take the opportunity to do something cool during this awful day. Here are 5 awesome and FREE events to do instead of joining the rat race

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12 Dec 2014

How They Celebrated Xmas in Old San Francisco

In The City That Was, Bohemian Archivist P Segal tells a weekly story of what you all missed: the days when artists, writers, musicians, and unemployed visionaries were playing hard in the city’s streets and paying the rent working part time.

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22 Nov 2011

A Broke-Ass Black Friday Survival Guide

You have a few days to prep for this year’s Black Friday. You might have been saving money to go Christmas shopping or you might have saved it to buy something for yourself. Either way, people have literally died on this day. For this reason, I see fit to point

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26 Nov 2010

Spend Black Friday Bowling at Brooklyn Bowl

By some estimates, the average Thanksgiving meal is approximately 3,500 calories. That excessive, and the ensuting emotional/guilt toll only makes it worse. You likely feel pretty awful right now just thinking about it it. Which is why spending the day bowling might be a good solution. Not only will you give

26 Nov 2010

An Argument for Black Friday

One of the most frightening shopping-related mistakes one can make, I’d imagine, would be accidentally stepping into a strip mall on Black Friday. It would be a feeling similar to what those lone survivors must feel in zombie films when they open the wrong door and find themselves starting directly