02 Feb 2024

“No Fuel for Genocide” Protesters Crash Chevron CEO’s Dinner in Oakland

Oakland protesters chanted “No Fuel for Genocide” during their unexpected interruption at the dinner of Chevron CEO Mike Wirth in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood. The surprise visit aimed to condemn Chevron for its involvement in supporting Israel’s apartheid regime and the continuing crisis in Palestine. In a TikTok by @jersey.noahx, you

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28 Nov 2023

What The Massive Flaring At The Chevron Refinery Means For Richmond

If you go north of Berkeley, you’ll notice something interesting about the East Bay’s shoreline. It becomes increasingly industrial once you cross the boundary into Contra Costa County. Richmond is the first city you hit (El Cerrito is just rich Richmond) and it serves as a quintessential example of an

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10 Jul 2024

This Literary Magazine Release Party Will Be Epic!

The Huge Release Party for the Literary Magazine In case you haven’t heard, we just put out an incredible literary magazine called The Dreams I Dreamt: Letters to San Francisco. It’s a gift to San Francisco, where 19 of The City’s best authors and poets – writers with SO many

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12 Jul 2019

Which Bay Area Tech Companies Pay No Corporate Taxes?

The spectacular wealth of Bay Area tech firms is driving up the cost of everything from your rent to a loaf of bread. But many of these companies are paying nothing whatsoever in federal taxes, racking up billions in profits while homelessness runs rampant, our infrastructure is crumbling, and income

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18 Oct 2018

Bay Area News: Workers Strike, Pittsburg Residents Evacuated and You REALLY Need to Vote!

Hello, folks! We’re highlighting a few important Bay Area stories this week that touch on the scary end of gas pipe line dangers and a whole bunch of pissed off workers. Let’s go… Natural Gas Line Fire in Pittsburg Triggers Evacuations It was a noisy and frightening Wednesday night in

10 Aug 2017

City of San Francisco Still Invests Hundreds of Millions in Fossil Fuel Companies

The San Francisco Pension fund is valued at $21 billion with $475 million being actively invested in fossil fuel companies. If SFERS eventually commits to divestment, it will be the largest pension in the country to do so.

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