05 Oct 2021

Over 90 Percent of Eligible Residents in Napa County are Now Vaccinated

By Eli Walsh Roughly 90 percent of eligible Napa County residents have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose as local case and hospitalization data trends down, the county’s public health officer said Tuesday. Unvaccinated residents continue to make up at least half of those being hospitalized due to COVID-19

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01 Sep 2021

Joe Rogan Has COVID, Taking Ivermectin, Looks Like Sh!t

We take no pleasure in seeing someone get sick from COVID-19, as we’ve had contributors to this site contract the virus, and it is no picnic. But we do take pleasure in the notion that when some of the biggest COVID denialists catch COVID-19, that maybe they will change their

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04 Aug 2021

Hooray! The Oakland & East Bay Beer Passport is Here!

Step into a world of adventure with the Oakland & East Bay Beer Passport There’s no better way to explore Oakland and the East Bay than to literally drink it in. This passport is amazing! Each one contains 28 coupons to buy one beer, get a second beer FREE at 28 of the

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20 Aug 2021

UCSF Doctors: The Light is at the End of the Tunnel with the Delta Variant

Things may be looking up in the Bay Area. According to some very prominent doctors at UCSF, the Delta Variant is trending down in San Francisco and the wider Bay Area. On Tuesday, KGO reported that Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, who is an infectious disease expert said, “So the light is at the

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06 Aug 2021

A List of SF Bay Area Bars & Restaurants Requiring Proof of Vaccine

As you know by now the is Delta variant isn’t messing around. It’s far more spreadable than the original COVID-19 virus, and the fact that people are not getting vaccinated is allowing the virus to further mutate. At the moment, the City and County of San Francisco is considering an

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01 Jun 2021

Costco Restarts Free Sample Carts for Hungry Shoppers

Let the sample grazing begin. Shoppers will soon be able to snack their way through the wholesale warehouse maze that is Costco. For many, that one simple free treat thing feels like a return to normalcy. Over the course of the next few weeks, Costco will phase back their pre-pandemic

21 May 2021

Things We Should Have Learned from the Pandemic….But Didn’t

But as we lurch toward what the new normal will look like after this harrowing experience, I wonder, have the people in power learned anything?

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07 May 2021

San Francisco’s Long History of Catastrophic Sinkholes

We all hope that the pandemic is starting to loosen its grip on San Francisco. As it does, and we emerge, blinking, into the light, we will be presented with the obvious question: what existential threat should occupy our minds now? I would like to propose that we spend our

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04 May 2021

San Francisco Hits Yellow Tier, Prepares to Reopen Indoor Bars

San Francisco is just one of six counties in California to reach the yellow tier in the state’s reopening blueprint, and is the first in the Bay Area to achieve that goal. The yellow tier is the least restrictive, allowing capacity limits to increase in a myriad of businesses and