Gay Rights

14 Mar 2019

U.S. Ranks 45th in Countries Friendliest for LGBTQ Community to Travel to

The year is 2019, but the United States and many other countries are still having trouble with this concept. Of particular interest is the way LGBTQ discrimination is baked right into our culture and our laws. And now we can prove it — with numbers.

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29 Jun 2015

The Most Anti-Gay Countries…A Travel Guide for the Homophobic and Hateful

It must be a tough week to be a homophobe. Maybe you feel oppressed now that some Americans are just as equal as you. Maybe you’re worried about the inevitable terror and natural disaster your God will soon visit upon us. It must sting to find yourself on the wrong side

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04 Aug 2010

Hooray for Gay! Fuck Prop 8!

First saw this picture on Amber’s Facebook page and then saw it on Mission Mission.  It’s the best photo I’ve seen in a long time and it’s credited to Scotty Roo Karate. Whoever that punk kid is, I wanna buy him a few drinks!  Unless he’s straight edge, in which

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