01 Feb 2023

Why The Gays Love M3GAN

10 min read. This article contains spoilers (duh). M3GAN, a.k.a. Model 3 Generative Android, has rocketed straight to the top of gay iconography. It’s not like the movie’s marketing team targeted us directly. As such, the movie’s success doesn’t hinge on queer approval. M3GAN’s got it nonetheless, but how did

Jake Warren 0
09 May 2010

Gchat Status Icons — Deconstructed!

Anyone who’s anyone has a Gmail address nowadays, and why the F not — it’s FREE and enables a crazy distracting feature called Gchat. Sure, it’s not a new idea. After all, I still have my AIM screen name, SMP1155, from seventh grade. But because the chat windows pop up

Christy Jovanelly - Cheapskate Commentator 0