Jillian Michaels

22 Sep 2010

Keep It Tight on the Cheap

As we’ve said before, gym memberships can get ca-razy expensive. First you join and you realize that all you do is 30 half assed minutes on the elliptica machine, 5 crunches, 10 reps of lat pull downs in between  laying on the mat in the crunch position watching Hoarders in closed

BAS Writers 1
13 Aug 2009

30 Day Shred: The Definitive Review

Pop Quiz. Jillian Michaels is: (A) A trainer from a show I’ve never watched, nor do I ever care to. (B) Someone I don’t care to hear or see every morning, albeit virtually (C) Someone who, when all is said and done, has made me slightly less weak (D) All

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