Matthew McConaughey

11 Oct 2020

Cast of Dazed and Confused Reunite to Help Progressive Voter Initiatives in Texas

I was obsessed with Dazed and Confused as a teenager. It’s up there with The Goonies as one of the movies I’ve seen most in my life. Like if we put the movie on, I can probably recite every line. So you can see why I’m SO excited about this! Just

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 0
04 Jul 2010

Summer Films at MoMA

Movies in New York are the biggest rip-off ever. I refuse to believe that $13 is a legitimate price to see Jake Gyllenhaal play the Prince of Persia. Two dollars would be more reasonable, and I should have the option of a full refund if any of his gratuitous shirtless

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