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03 Sep 2012

No Labor For Trucks On Labor Day…

It’s Labor Day. I’ve tried to track down almost every one of SF’s beloved new generation food truck to no avail. They’ve all taken the holiday off, which grants me an epiphany, are those trucks really here for us locals? However, I know where I can go. I can go

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08 Aug 2012

All-Star Tamales @ Alemany Farmer’s Market…

As usual, the air is balmy and the sky is overcast. Just as it should be on any respectable Saturday morning. It’s the perfect weather to cozy up with a bowl of soup on your overstuffed couch you paid too much for, and if you didn’t know, it’s also the

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20 Nov 2020

100 Best Cheap Eats in the Bay Area

This list of great places to eat in the Bay Area will leave you smiling and probably drooling. All these joints are incredibly well priced, locally owned, delicious, and serving takeout in 2020. Check their links for store hours, menus, and ordering info, because things are always changing these days,

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19 Jun 2012

Have Some Mexican Food in Style at Pedro’s Kitchen and Brew

I stumbled upon this hidden gem about a month ago after spending about an hour rummaging through trash cans for food. Sad, I know, but I had little money on me and a half-eaten panini was not going to suffice. (Please don’t judge me for being a fat-ass, as well

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27 Jul 2011

Snack Dragon, Your Taco-Wielding Angel

During a recent almost week-long disappearance of the Endless Summer taco truck on Bedford, Brooklynites were outraged at being forced into unthinkable alternatives like “cooking at home” and “eating not-burritos.” It was a dark time, but one that may strike again. It’s up to you to choose to be a

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22 Jul 2011

The Best Food Cart on Quesadilla Avenue

When you get off the L or M train at Myrtle / Wycoff there are taquerias all over, so many in fact that the street has been coined “Quesadilla Avenue”. But the best, the very best in my opinion, is the food cart right outside of the train station. There

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19 Jul 2011

Tonight: FREE Tacos From Google Places

Right now, you’re probably spacing out during lunch, thinking about how you don’t want to be wearing pants or that you don’t know what the hell to do with Google+. Instead, you should start thinking about a Google service that’s much easier to understand: Free tacos. Google Places is celebrating

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18 May 2011

Don’t Underestimate the Taco Shop @ Underdog’s

Being from San Diego, I’ve had a hard time finding really good fish tacos in the city. I just found what I’ve been looking for yesterday at the Taco Shop @ Underdog’s in the Sunset. This is the place for fresh, So-Cal inspired Mexican food. Chef Nick Fasanella knows what’s

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01 Apr 2011

Mission Munchies – Where to Soak Up Last Night’s Booze

San Francisco boasts a number of things that make it a great city. One of these is its Mexican food. La Pinata Tortas Y Jugos is a gem. On any given day, this place is filled with the delicious aroma of various meats, cheeses, and bread sizzling on the stove